Recipe Index

Recipe Index


apple spice baked buckwheat (GF, V)
apple baked oatmeal with maple cream and hawaij spice blend (GF, V)
antioxidant power muffins (V)
banana bread granola bars (GF, V)
banana chocolate chip breakfast cookies (GF, V)
banana coconut waffles (GF, V)
banana eggnog pancakes (V)
banana zucchini bread w/ quinoa flour (V)
barley scones w/ roasted plums (V)
better than bulletproof coffee (GF, V)
blueberry coconut bircher muesli (GF, V)
blueberry spelt waffles w/ rhubarb cashew cream + turmeric granola (V)
buckwheat, coconut & cocoa waffles (GF, V) (GF, V)
carrot cake pancakes w/ lime cashew cream (V)
coconut, almond + quinoa breakfast cakes (V)
cold-brewed iced coffee (GF, V)
creamiest DIY instant oatmeal (GF, V)
dirty chai pancakes w/ cranberry vanilla compote (V)
DIY instant vanilla + hemp seed oatmeal (GF, V)
farro breakfast bowl w/ turmeric and scallion scrambled chickpeas (V)
festive winter fruit salad w/ rosemary + vanilla rooibos syrup (GF, V)
flaky vegan biscuits with miso and green onions (V)
grain-free chocolate sea salt granola hunks (GF, V)
cocoa pancakes (V)
lemon poppyseed pancakes (GF, V)
millet porridge w/ vanilla bean, lavender strawberries + super seeds (GF, V)
multigrain porridge with quinoa + buckwheat (GF, V)
my good energy drink w/ maca + cacao (GF, V)
no knead marathon bread (V)
no-waste nut milk pulp granola (GF, V)
nutty vegan breakfast cookies (GF, V)
post-workout protein porridge (with a secret ingredient!) (GF, V)
pumpkin seed granola (V)
raised buckwheat waffles w/ vanilla stewed rhubarb (V)
raw breakfast crumbles w/ almond cream (GF, V)
spiced sweet potato granola with pecans (GF, V)
tahini granola with orange, cacao nibs & mulberries (GF, V)
vegan no knead cinnamon rolls (V)
vegan sweet potato muffins with pecan streusel (V)


banana bread shakes with homemade walnut milk (GF, V)
beet & blood orange spice smoothie (GF, V)
berry beet velvet smoothie (GF, V)
better than bulletproof coffee (GF, V)
blueberry maca milk (GF, V)
bulletproof coconut masala chai latte (GF, V)
warm cacao hazelnut hug (GF, V)
carrot ginger lemonade (GF, V)
chamomile iced latte with vanilla (GF, V)
cinnamon pecan milk (GF, V)
citrus sage tonic (GF, V)
coconut blood orange lassi w/ cardamom (GF, V)
coconut butter hot chocolate (GF, V)
coconut cashew matcha latte (GF, V)
cold-brewed iced coffee (GF, V)
deep tropical vibes green smoothie (GF, V)
double chocolate hazelnut espresso shake (GF, V)
double coconut cold brew iced coffee (GF, V)
earl grey chocolate shakes (GF, V)
feel-better tea (GF, V)
frothy spiced cold brew coffee (GF, V)
frozen rosemary watermelon-ade (GF, V)
ginger, C & greens smoothie (GF, V)
ginger pear cider with vanilla bean (GF, V)
golden peach sunrise smoothie with turmeric & raspberry swirls (GF, V)
golden serene latte (GF, V)
hearty chocolate oat smoothie (GF, V)
hot cocoa with coconut, cardamom & sea salt (GF, V)
hot pink beet protein smoothie (GF, V)
iced peach green tea (GF, V)
iced tea primer w/ 3 recipes (GF, V)
iced vanilla oat matcha latte (GF, V)
immortal coffee (GF, V)
“instant calm” chamomile and lavender latte (GF, V)
lemon lavender tea latte (GF, V)
maca caramel frap (GF, V)
maple cinnamon hemp milk (GF, V)
maple walnut hot chocolate (GF, V)
maple sea salt latte (GF, V)
masala rooibos chai concentrate & lattes (GF, V)
mellow mint mocha (GF, V)
mint chip espresso shake (GF, V)
minty cucumber limeade (GF, V)
my good energy drink w/ maca + cacao (GF, V)
peach crumble shake (GF, V)
peanut butter vanilla greens shake (GF, V)
pumpkin smoothie with ginger, cardamom & coconut yogurt (GF, V)
raspberry hibiscus pink drink (GF, V)
reishi chocolate milk (GF, V)
roasted strawberry coconut shake (GF, V)
sparkling strawberry watermelon limeade (GF, V)
spiced cranberry orange margaritas (GF, V)
spiced strawberry & goji berry smoothie (GF, V)
spicy and stormy booch (GF, V)
strawberry milk w/ fresh coconut base (GF, V)
strawberry rosewater chia fresca (GF, V)
summer bliss juice w/ watermelon + coconut water (GF, V)
super healthy green colada (GF, V)
superfood lattes (GF, V)
superfood lattes, part II (GF, V)
sweet fire tonic with orange, turmeric & cayenne (GF, V)
sweet potato spice latte shake (GF, V)
tahini date shake with coffee (GF, V)
tahini shake with cinnamon and lime (GF, V)
the green drink (GF, V)
thick peanut butter mocha smoothie (GF, V)
vanilla rooibos tea latte w/ warm spices (GF, V)
white chocolate mocha with herbal coffee (GF, V)
wild ginger green smoothie (GF, V)
winter glow green smoothie with hemp & ginger (GF, V)
winter sparkle juice (GF, V)


baked balsamic lentil stew with mushrooms and rosemary (GF, V)
basil tahini pasta with mushrooms & burst tomatoes (GF, V)
bbq mushroom flatbread with homemade spelt dough & chive cream (GF, V)
bbq saucy lentils with millet “polenta” (GF, V)
bbq tempeh + sweet potato sandwich (V)
best marinated and grilled tempeh (GF, V)
black bean + sweet potato enchiladas with lime cream (GF, V)
bloody mary veggie burgers (GF, V)
braised harissa eggplant with chickpeas (GF, V)
broccoli bowl w/ vegan special sauce (GF, V)
buffalo cauliflower pizza with roasted onion cream & ranch (GF, V)
busy lady rice bowl w/ easy ginger miso gravy (GF, V)
butternut orecchiete w/ chickpeas + arugula
butternut squash farrotto (V)
charred broccoli + tofu stuffed avocadoes w/ sweet curry lemon sauce (GF, V)
chickpea, cauliflower + Old Bay veggie burgers w/ cashew mayo (GF, V)
creamy avocado pesto pasta with crispy kale (GF, V)
creamy butternut orzo with crispy miso mustard brussels sprouts (GF, V)
creamy cauliflower pasta with garlic and roasted tomatoes (GF, V)
creamy corn and lemon pasta with thyme (V)
creamy eggplant pasta with walnuts & spiced bread crumbs (V)
creamy French lentils w/ mushrooms + kale (GF, V)
creamy lemon orzo with chickpeas & broccoli (V)
creamy miso pasta w/ brussels sprouts (GF, V)
creamy olive & arugula pesto pasta (GF, V)
creamy truffle pasta with balsamic-roasted broccoli rabe (GF, V)
creamy vegan red pepper pasta bakes (GF, V)
creamy zucchini noodles w/ white lentil spring onion sauce + cheesy sunflower sprinkle (GF, V)
crispy coconut tofu lettuce wraps with sweet chili sauce (GF, V)
crispy eggplant + harissa flatbread w/ greens (V)
crispy sesame garlic tofu (GF, V)
crispy tofu (V)
curry garlic sweet potato fries with miso gravy (GF, V)
double rosé pasta with asparagus & kale (GF, V)
garden keeper’s pie with beets, lentils + creamy celery root mash (GF, V)
eggplant meatballs with za’atar + kale pesto (V)
fall veg + lentil bowl w/ goji ginger tahini cream (GF, V)
french onion shepherd’s pie with lentils & creamy cauliflower potato mash (GF, V)
garlic + roasted cauliflower pasta with walnuts (GF, V)
giant mushroom meatballs & garlic bread (GF, V)
golden chana masala (GF, V)
golden split pea patties (GF, V)
grilled cabbage steaks with jalapeño chimichurri lentils & maple mustard tahini (GF, V)
grilled eggplant with peanut ginger sauce (GF, V)
green goddess bowls with farro & pepita lime sauce (V)
green goddess pizza w/ broccoli stem pesto + feta
grilled butternut pizza w/ pesto + lemony radicchio (V)
grilled mini peppers with walnut & lentil crumble (GF, V)
grilled pizza portobellos with cashew “ricotta” (GF, V)
grilled sweet potato + black bean burrito bowl w/ spicy cumin garlic sauce (GF, V)
harissa chickpea bowl with crispy potatoes, lemon tahini & greens (GF, V)
healthy bowl w/ Sara’s amazing tahini dressing (GF, V)
hearty chickpea pancakes with zesty lemony tahini & roasted spring vegetables (GF, V)
instant pot chana masala (GF, V)
instant pot mushroom risotto with spinach and miso (GF, V)
jammy sun dried tomato white beans with crispy caper bread crumbs (V)
jerk-style veggie grill w/ tempeh, greens + mango ginger sauce (GF, V)
kimchi fried rice with smoky tempeh & broccoli (GF, V)
lemon + chili roasted tofu with kale and pine nuts (GF, V)
lemon + rosemary winter veggie stack with lentils + creamy horseradish dressing (GF, V)
lemony oregano vegan meatballs (GF, V)
loaded shawarma-spiced fries with lemony tahini & crunchy veg salad (GF, V)
miso-grilled portobello & kale caesar pitas (V)
moroccan-style vegetable + chickpea stew (GF, V)
mushroom & beet bolognese (GF, V)
mushroom brown rice bake with caramelized shallots & crispy lentils (GF, V)
mushroom  stout pot pies w/ sweet potato crusts (V)
mushrooms and tofu en papillote w/ soy, balsamic and rosemary (GF, V)
mushroom gravy pie with garlicky kale mashed potatoes (GF, V)
orecchiette with broccoli rabe and chive pesto, sunflower “parm” & smoky chickpeas (V)
pesto quinoa and white bean bake with spring veg (GF, V)
quinoa + peanut patties w/ scallions (GF, V)
roasted carrots w/ zingy turmeric broth + rice (GF, V)
roasted winter bowl w/ BBQ tempeh + hempseed ranch (GF, V)
romesco roasted whole cauliflower with herbed tahini cream (GF, V)
rosemary mushroom + chickpea ragoût on toast (V)
rustic pasta with cheesy chickpea crumble and heirloom tomatoes (V)
salt-baked potatoes w/ cheesy roasted red pepper sauce and broccoli (GF, V)
salty maple squash w/ ginger scallion rice + turmeric brussels slaw (GF, V)
saucy and sticky sweet potato tacos with avocado cilantro sauce (GF, V)
seared creamy polenta w/ spring salad & sherry shallot vinaigrette (GF, V)
sesame garlic noodles with broccoli, basil, and crispy tempeh (V)
seven spice chickpea stew w/ tomato and coconut (GF, V)
simple, salty, sweet + nutty broccoli noodles (GF, V)
skillet lasagna with homemade almond “ricotta” and spinach pesto (GF, V)
smoky and creamy white beans with greens (GF, V)
spaghetti squash noodle bowl w/ lime peanut sauce (GF, V)
spicy vegan buffalo meatloaf minis (GF, V)
spiced vegan “butter” chickpeas (GF, V)
spicy vegan sausage calzones with dairy-free ricotta & broccoli rabe (V)
spicy vegan white pizza with broccoli rabe and truffle cream (V)
spinach and mushroom polenta pie with almond “ricotta” (GF, V)
spring onion falafel w/ millet + some accompaniments (GF, V)
sprouted mung bowl w/ coconut quinoa + beet tahini (GF, V)
sticky and crispy sesame cauliflower lettuce wraps (GF, V)
sticky ginger tempeh with coconut rice (GF, V)
stuffed acorn squash w/ wheat berries + dried cherries (V)
stuffed and sauced sweet potatoes w/ crispy chickpeas + tahini sauce (GF, V)
stuffed eggplant with sunflower romesco & quinoa (GF, V)
stuffed spaghetti squash with chickpeas and garlicky arugula cream (GF, V)
stuffed squash w/ broccoli rabe + quinoa (GF, V)
summer garden pasta with cherry tomatoes and chard (V)
summer veg & tofu skewers with blueberry BBQ sauce (GF, V)
sweet and spicy grilled tofu and pineapple with herbed cauliflower rice (GF, V)
sweet potato cakes with lemony kale slaw (GF, V)
sweet potato dal with coconut leeks (GF, V)
sweet potato and pecan tacos with cassava tortillas, pickled cabbage & cashew sour cream (GF, V)
sweet potato ravioli w/ kale pesto (V)
tacos w/ peach, sweet corn + lentil succotash and basil slaw (GF, V)
Thai basil noodles with crunchy kale (GF, V)
tomato basil collard wraps w/ tempeh, quinoa + chickpeas (GF, V)
the veggie burger of my dreams (GF, V)
twice baked potatoes with buffalo chickpeas and cauliflower (GF, V)
vegan butternut galette with apples, shallots & black pepper chickpea crust (GF, V)
vegan spinach artichoke pizza (V)
vegan stuffed pepper casserole with spicy sunflower “cheese” topping (GF, V)
veggie ceviche w/ cauliflower + pepita “pilaf” (GF, V)
white wine lentils with mustard and thyme (GF, V)
zucchini involtini with almond “ricotta” (GF, V)
zucchini spaghetti w/ pumpkin seed pesto + peaches (GF, V)

25+ vegan soup recipes
asparagus + ramp soup (GF, V)
braised harissa eggplant with chickpeas (GF, V)
buffalo chickpea chili with mushrooms & cashew sour cream (GF, V)
butternut minestrone with sage, chickpeas & chard (GF, V)
cauliflower, kale + chickpea curry pot (GF, V)
coconut green soup w/ celery, kale + ginger (GF, V)
creamy french lentils w/ mushrooms + kale (GF, V)
creamy white bean soup with kale, rosemary & lemon (GF, V)
creamy vegan mushroom stew with farro & kale (V)
deep green lentil stew with spinach, tahini & lemon (GF, V)
Erin’s Bali garden stew with toasty cashews + shallots (GF, V)
favourite smoky lentil soup w/ tarragon + garlic (GF, V)
garlic + greens soup w/ sweet potatoes and lemon (GF, V)
garlic pepper soba w/ chili-roasted tofu + kale (GF, V)
ginger carrot bisque w/ tahini cream (GF, V)
ginger sweet potato coconut milk stew with lentils and kale (GF, V)
golden chana masala (GF, V)
golden coconut broth bowls w/ crispy tofu (GF, V)
harvest corn chowder with beer and white beans (V)
instant pot chana masala (GF, V)
kabocha squash + chestnut soup w/ kale sesame “leaves” (GF, V)
leek, fennel, apple + walnut soup w/ turmeric (GF, V)
moroccan-style vegetable + chickpea stew (GF, V)
quick smoky red lentil stew (GF, V)
really good creamy tomato soup (GF, V)
roasted carrots w/ zingy turmeric broth (GF, V)
roasted cauliflower + onion soup (GF, V)
slow cooker red lentil soup with coconut, spinach and lime (GF, V)
smoky chickpea, lentil & cabbage soup with kale (GF, V)
smoky shiitake tortilla soup (GF, V)
smoky and spicy white bean stew with potatoes and kale (GF, V)
smoky squash chili with quinoa, pinto & black beans (GF, V)
spiced vegan “butter” chickpeas (GF, V)
spicy sesame carrot soup with red lentils (GF, V)
sweet potato dal w/ coconut leeks (GF, V)
sweet potato soup w/ coriander + blood orange (GF, V)
tomato + white bean soup with quinoa and kale (GF, V)
vegetable stock method (GF, V)
winter vegetable chowder with mustard + crispy cabbage (GF, V)


all of the peas salad w/ creamy dill dressing (GF, V)
asparagus ribbons w/ sesame chili lime dressing (GF, V)
avocado chickpea salad sandwiches & lettuce wraps (GF, V)
broccoli, basil + wild rice salad with citrusy avocado dressing (GF, V)
broccoli rabe and kale harvest salad w/ cranberry orange dressing + farro (V)
buffalo cauliflower salad with tahini ranch (GF, V)
butternut + lentil salad w/ arugula (GF)
caponata panzanella (V)
caraway + horseradish broccoli quinoa salad (GF, V)
cauliflower + roasted garbanzo “rice + peas” (GF, V)
cauliflower salad with nectarines and pistachio dukkah (GF, V)
chickpea, spring onion + Tuscan kale panzanella for spring (V)
chili lime cucumber noodles on salted watermelon w/ mint + basil (GF, V)
chopped creamy dill pickle salad (V)
citrus brussels sprouts slaw with rice paper “bacon” bits and almond “parm” (GF, V)
citrus miso slaw w/ 10 vegetables (GF, V)
cold ginger noodle salad with mint, edamame and orange (GF, V)
cold veg and mango noodle salad with hot & sweet sesame dressing (GF, V)
cold vegan noodle salad with tofu + zingy almond sauce (GF, V)
crushed beets with chunky olive and mint dressing (GF, V)
curried cauliflower “couscous” salad (GF, V)
delicata squash + lime tabbouleh (V)
dill pickle potato salad (GF, V)
everyday superfood salad w/ kale + blueberry ginger dressing (GF, V)
farro w/ grilled endives + balsamic reduction (GF, V)
fresh taco salad with quinoa & black bean “meat” (GF, V)
garlic scape dressing (GF, V)
ginger, citrus + black sesame carrots w/ edamame and avocado (GF, V)
green curry kale w/ crispy coconut tempeh (GF, V)
green love quinoa salad (GF, V)
grilled asparagus + French lentil niçoise-style salad (GF, V)
grilled broccoli and pepperoncini pasta salad with basil (V)
grilled fennel + quinoa salad (GF, V)
kale + brussels sprout caesar slaw with pine nut “parm” (GF, V)
lemony spring pasta salad with vegetables & herbs (V)
loaded Brussels sprouts salad with creamy maple mustard dressing (GF, V)
mango salad w/ rhubarb ginger dressing + chili almonds (GF, V)
marinated lentils with sundried tomatoes and herbs (GF, V)
moroccan-ish sweet potato sunshine salad (GF, V)
napa and kale slaw with crunchy BBQ cauliflower & pickled jalapeño ranch (GF, V)
our favourite picnic salad with green veg, potatoes & white beans (GF, V)
pesto orzo salad with roasted vegetables & chickpeas (V)
sweet chili eggplant + arugula toss (GF, V)
sweet potato noodle sald w/ creamy chipotle miso sauce (GF, V)
raw + vegan tacos (GF, V)
roasted butternut + corn salad w/ basil (GF)
roasted potato salad with French lentils, spring vegetables & sherry shallot dressing (GF, V)
shaved zucchini salad with plums and almonds (GF, V)
shredded brussels sprouts + fall veg salad w/ garlicky orange tahini dressing (GF, V)
spring vegetable pizza w/ GF millet quinoa crust + caramelized onion cream (GF, V)
summer panzanella with heirloom tomatoes, peaches + kale (V)
summer picnic salad w/ blueberries + vegan almond “feta” (GF, V)
sweet potato radicchio salad with roasted shallot dressing & candied pumpkin seeds (GF, V)
vegan BLT salad with coconut bacon, creamy lemon pepper dressing & grilled peaches (GF, V)
vegan kale cobb salad with smoky almond “bacon” (GF, V)
warm kale, quinoa + balsamic beet salad (GF)
wild rice salad w/ roasted zucchini + pecorino (GF)


beet, potato + avocado salad w/ horseradish vinaigrette (GF, V)
black beans and rice with roasted poblanos & garlic (GF, V)
braised romano beans with spicy cherry tomato sauce (GF, V)
caponata panzanella (V)
cauliflower + roasted garbanzo “rice + peas” (GF, V)
charred corn slaw with peanut butter lime dressing (GF, V)
crispy delicata squash with dill cream (GF, V)
crushed beets with chunky olive and mint dressing (GF, V)
dill pickle potato salad (GF, V)
flaky vegan biscuits with miso and green onions (V)
grapefruit-roasted beets, greens + white beans w/ pistachio butter (GF, V)
green love quinoa salad (GF, V)
grilled and marinated vegetables with miso, lemon & herbs (GF, V)
grilled broccoli and pepperoncini pasta salad with basil (V)
grilled cabbage with sunshine tahini sauce (GF, V)
grilled eggplant with ginger peanut sauce (GF, V)
grilled potato salad w/ zucchini, romesco + grilled lemon (GF, V)
grilled sweet potatoes with chili lime tahini sauce (GF, V)
grilled sweet potatoes w/ gingered cherry salsa (GF, V)
grounding roasted roots with herbed jalapeño yogurt sauce (GF, V)
harvest vegetable mash with roasted garlic, horseradish & fried dukkah (GF, V)
herb and garlic vegetable crumble (GF, V)
legitimately crispy sweet potato fries with roasted garlic tahini yogurt dip (GF, V)
loaded Brussels sprouts salad with creamy maple mustard dressing (GF, V)
maple tahini glazed cauliflower with chipotle (GF, V)
millet “polenta” (GF, V)
miso and molasses baked beans (GF, V)
salt-baked potatoes w/ cheesy roasted red pepper sauce and broccoli (GF, V)
seared broccolini with chili hazelnuts, whipped tahini & wheat berries (V)
smashed sundried tomato pesto potatoes with caesar drizzle (GF, V)
smoky grilled beets with mint and parsley pistachio pesto (GF, V)
sticky and crispy sesame cauliflower (GF, V)
summer picnic salad w/ blueberries + vegan almond “feta” (GF, V)
summer vegetable tian (GF, V)
sweet potato casserole with apples & crunchy rosemary walnuts (GF, V)
sweet + sour sesame roasted cauliflower w/ dates and olives (GF, V)
veggie nuggets with millet & hemp (GF, V)
warm brussels sprouts toss w/ maple, smoked paprika + pecans (GF, V)

25+ vegan appetizer recipes
autumn sushi w/ celery root “rice”, za’atar carrots, avocado + dill (GF, V)
avocado tartare w/ roasted beets, basil + dukkah (GF, V)
balsamic mushroom and olive pâté (GF, V)
banana bread granola bars (GF, V)
bloody mary bruschetta (V)
caramelized onion dip with fresh za’atar (GF, V)
coconut bacon (GF, V)
creamy kale pesto white bean dip (GF, V)
crispy eggplant polenta bites (GF, V)
crispy sweet potato fries with roasted garlic tahini yogurt dip (GF, V)
edamame dip with mint, jalapeño and lime (GF, V)
eggplant dip with toasted walnuts, tahini, lemon & yogurt (GF, V)
mustard roasted broccoli pâté w/ leeks + lemon (GF, V)
no-bake oat bars with sour cherries, hemp, and chocolate (GF, V)
olive + almond tapenade tartines w/ greens (V)
OMG vegan butternut queso (GF, V)
papaya salad rolls w/ tangy lime dip (GF, V)
quinoa onion rings w/ horseradish dip (GF, V)
raw chard salad rolls w/ mango dipping sauce (GF, V)
rustic spelt bread w/ ramp greens (V)
roasted carrot, chickpea + harissa dip (GF, V)
roasted garlic and butternut dip with sesame (GF, V)
seven layer dip with Buffalo refried beans (GF, V)
silky and spicy vegan red pepper dip (GF, V)
smoky chickpea flatbread (GF, V)
soft cashew “cheese” with beetroot and miso (GF, V)
spelt focaccia w/ seeds + caramelized onions (V)
spicy pepperoncini, artichoke & kale dip (GF, V)
spicy red lentil spread (GF, V)
sprout + crunch radicchio cups w/ honey chive vinaigrette (GF)
stuffed mushrooms with pesto cream and garlicky breadcrumbs (V)
superfood brownie bites (GF, V)
vegan jalapeño popper dip (V)
veggie nuggets with millet & hemp (GF, V)


antioxidant power muffins (V)
barley scones w/ roasted plums (V)
cardamom thumbprints with peanut butter caramel (V)
chocolate covered hazelnut grahams (GF, V)
chocolate zucchini muffin tops (GF, V)
dark chocolate espresso scones w/ coconut cream and jam (V)
everything cookies (GF, V)
grain-free ginger molasses softies (GF, V)
jumbo grain-free tahini chocolate chunk cookie (GF, V)
maple doughnuts w/ salted almond butter glaze (GF, V)
no bake chocolate mint cups (GF, V)
nutty vegan breakfast cookies (GF, V)
raw chocolate + chai macaroons (GF, V)
salted maple walnut + vanilla bean chocolate cups (GF, V)
spelt banana bread with pecans and chocolate chunks (V)
spelt pumpkin bread (GF, V)
spelt zucchini bread with warm spices and chocolate (V)
superfood brownie bites (GF, V)
vegan no knead cinnamon rolls (V)
vegan strawberry crumble muffins (V)
vegan sweet potato muffins with pecan streusel (V)
white + dark chocolate peanut butter cookie dough bonbons (GF, V)
wonder cookies – vegan, grain-free, date-sweetened chocolate chunk cookies (GF, V)


banana split ice cream pie (GF, V)
chocolate hazelnut ice cream (GF, V)
chocolate hazelnut torte w/ salty date caramel + coconut whip (GF, V)
chocolate orange baby bundts with chocolate glaze (GF, V)
chocolate passionfruit cupcakes w/ coconut cream icing (V)
chocolate pecan pie w/ spelt crust (V)
creamy vegan lemon bars (GF, V)
dirty masala chai affogato (GF, V)
earl grey chocolate shakes (GF, V)
lemon coconut cakes w/ creamy coconut glaze (V)
no bake chocolate mint cups (GF, V)
peaches + cream popsicles (GF)
peanut butter + jelly frozen sorbet sandwiches (V)
peanut butter caramel sundaes w/ raw vanilla cake crumble (GF, V)
raw carrot cake slice w/ tangy citrus frosting (GF, V)
raw chocolate layer cakes w/ earl grey chocolate mousse (GF, V)
raw chunky monkey ice cream (GF, V)
raw fruit crumbles w/ almond cream (GF, V)
raw raspberry + vanilla chia pudding (GF, V)
rhubarb fool w/ coconut whipped cream + pistachios (GF, V)
rhubarb mango crumble with coconut almond topping (GF, V)
rhubarb strawberry pie w/ spelt crust
salted coconut caramel brownies (GF, V)
seriously fudgy grain-free peanut butter brownies (GF, V)
strawberry hand pies w/ wheat crusts (V)
tahini date shake with coffee (GF, V)
vanilla bean waffle ice cream sandwiches w/ maple berry mash (GF, V)
vegan chocolate orange cheesecake (GF, V)
vegan s’mores bark (V)
wagon wheels w/ raspberry chia jam + coconut butter filling (GF, V)
wonder cookies – vegan, grain-free, date-sweetened chocolate chunk cookies (GF, V)


almond “parmesan” (GF, V)
Anya’s basil pumpkin seed pesto (GF, V)
avocado cilantro sauce with lime & garlic (GF, V)
avocado lime dressing (GF, V)
beet tahini (GF, V)
blueberry barbecue sauce (GF, V)
broccoli stem pesto (GF, V)
butternut “queso” (GF, V)
butternut squash + roasted garlic pasta sauce (GF, V)
caper shallot dressing (GF, V)
caramelized onion cream (GF, V)
cashew dill cream (GF, V)
cashew maple “caramel” (GF, V)
cashew mayo (GF, V)
cheesy roasted chickpea crumble (GF, V)
cheesy roasted red pepper sauce (GF, V)
cheesy sunflower and miso “sprinkle” (GF, V)
cilantro jalapeno sauce (GF, V)
creamy chipotle miso sauce (GF, V)
creamy horseradish dip/sauce (GF, V)
creamy maple mustard dipping sauce (for veggie “nuggets”) (GF, V)
creamy sunflower caesar dressing (GF, V)
creamy white bean truffle cream (GF, V)
cumin garlic drizzle (GF, V)
date vinaigrette (GF, V)
enchilada sauce (GF, V)
everything bagel tahini sauce (GF, V)
fresh blueberry dressing (GF, V)
garlic scape dressing (GF, V)
garlicky arugula cream (GF, V)
ginger almond sauce (GF, V)
ginger lime tahini sauce (GF, V)
goji berry + ginger tahini cream (GF, V)
hempseed ranch dressing/sauce (GF, V)
herbed tahini cream (GF, V)
hot and sweet sesame dressing (GF, V)
kale pesto (GF, V)
lemon curry sauce (GF, V)
lemon tahini sauce (GF, V)
lemon-y cashew “ricotta” (GF, V)
lime peanut sauce (GF, V)
liquid gold dressing (GF, V)
miso gravy (GF, V)
mushroom gravy (GF, V)
nut-free sunflower caesar dressing (GF, V)
orange cranberry vinaigrette (GF, V)
peanut butter caramel sauce (GF, V)
pepita lime sauce (GF, V)
pickled jalapeño ranch (GF, V)
pistachio dukkah (GF, V)
quick and easy BBQ sauce (GF, V)
quick pickled red cabbage and onions (GF, V)
rhubarb cashew cream (GF, V)
rhubarb ginger dressing (GF, V)
rice paper “bacon” bits (GF, V)
roasted garlic tahini yogurt dip (GF, V)
roasted vegetable gravy (GF, V)
romesco (GF, V)
Sara’s citrus tahini dressing (GF, V)
savoury mango ginger sauce (GF, V)
sesame chili lime dressing (GF, V)
sour lime crema (GF, V)
spinach and walnut pesto (GF, V)
sunflower dill dressing (GF, V)
sunflower romesco (GF, V)
super simple maple bbq sauce (GF, V)
tahini ranch dressing (GF, V)
tangy & creamy lemon pepper dressing (GF, V)
tangy sunflower sauce (GF, V)
thick and creamy mushroom gravy with shallots and herbs (GF, V)
thick green curry coconut dressing (GF, V)
vegan almond “feta” (GF, V)
vegan almond “ricotta” (GF, V)
vegan pine nut “parm” (GF, V)
vegan special sauce (GF, V)
white lentil spring onion sauce (GF, V)
zesty lemony tahini sauce (GF, V)

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    Super refreshing blog! Colorful, light, and healthy…..and your photography is out-of-this-world. Thank you for what you do here, we’ll be sharing your blog with our CSA customers for unique veggie recipes.Reply

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    Hi Laura! I have been a long-time reader and am super inspired by your stunning recipes and photography. I just started my own food blog this past december (Chocolate + Chard) and aspire to create such beautiful and wholesome recipes as you :o). Also: I am SO excited that you now have a recipe index. Like whoa. Thanks so much for sharing your passion and skills with us! <3Reply

  • Marcia Adair

    Love the pictures and the healthy foods. too bad the receipes are not easy to print out. Unless I am a real dummy. I see no printer user buttonReply

    • Laura Wright

      Hi Marcia, I keep meaning to set up a “print recipe” kind of thing, but so far haven’t found a solution that I’m happy with in terms of look and something that fits in with the site. There’s always the old copy + paste onto a word processor maneuver until I get it all figured out. Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

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    Your photography is outstanding and I can’t wait to make up some of your recipes!!! Maybe I should try all and take it as a challenge for the year (as in Julie and Julia) :0)

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    Thank you!Reply

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    Merci pour ce beau partage, au plaisir de te lire.Reply

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    For the past year or so I have been avidly reading your posts and using your recipes! I love your ethos, your recipes, your photos and your writing. But I have to finally comment that I DON’T love your new website. It takes SO much longer to load, has random adverts and this morning a film trailer covered most of the screen and kept popping up even though I had closed it several times. I understand you need some funding, but is there any way you could review this whole ad situation, it is totally distracting and undermines the great quality of what you are doing here?Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hi Sophie,
      Thanks for your comment and feedback. The decision to bring ads onto this site was a heavy one for me, and I’m still in the trial period of displaying them. Running a site like this with the level of work I put into it isn’t financially viable (to say the least) without ads/sponsored content. I am still very serious and passionate about the content that I present here. While I’m trying to figure it all out, I’ll see what I can do about slow-loading times. I get quite annoyed by those pop-up style ads that you mentioned, so I will look into this and see if it’s something I can put a stop to. I really am trying to meet in the middle on this and it’s all a work in progress.
      Thanks again,

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    Thank you for this wonderful resource and all the great recipes!Reply

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    • Mindi

      Which shake is that? I can’t find it!Reply

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    Hey Laura!
    Is it just me or is the search bar gone?
    Please bring it back if you decided to take it away!Reply

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    Hi! I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your lovely website. You see I just made 17 last week and I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 6 years old (by choice) i’m also lactose intolerant. Since i’m the only one in my very large family, so you can only imagine how difficult it is. I’m an extremely picky eater and I eat the same basic things, of pizza, pasta, rice, bread, and salad. I haven’t had much of an appetite from what i’m assuming i suppose i’m sick of eating the same things every single day and my doctor said I was on the verge of becoming an anorexic, so this helps alot. So thank you so much for this you’ve helped me out a great deal ^_^Reply

    • aubs

      Bree, I totally identify with your story and current predicament, and just stumbled across this website.. hoping that it helps us both and others, too 🙂
      -Keep doing what you’re doing, Laura!!Reply


    I’m so glad to find your blog. All of this is enchanting, such beautiful photos, website, and recipes. thanks for sharing of us!Reply

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    Beautiful website and great recipes! Thank you.Reply

  • Asher

    Hi, I was wondering if you’d be able to categorize your recipes by season?Reply

    • Laura

      Hi Asher,
      If you scroll to the bottom of any of my recipes (just before the comments section), you’ll see a heading that says “Filed in:” and there will be a list of categories. Within those categories, you’ll find the relevant seasons that the recipe applies to. From there, you can click on the season and you’ll get a page dedicated to all relevant seasonal recipes. Hope this helps!

  • McKenna Kolbasinski

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    Where can I find all of your happy hour recipes?Reply

    • Laura

      They are all under the “WELLNESS LATTES, SMOOTHIES & TONICS” section of this page. You can also get them all here: (scroll down once the page loads to see and navigate through the pages)

  • Christiane

    Hi Laura!
    I usually don’t buy cookbooks but honestly I absolutely want to make every recipe in your book. I love that you focus on cooking seasonally and simple recipes. The intro was enjoyable to read about your story and the necessities in the kitchen such as the ingredients and appliances. Bravo for the non stop work and in sharing your passion and love with us.
    Xxx another fellow CanadianReply

  • Whitney

    Laura! I am so happy that I found your recipes because I feel like you get exactly what kind of flavor combinations I love. I have come across several that I really wanted to try but when I click on them, it says the page cannot be found. Is this because you removed the link? Or is this just a technical error happening? Please let me know because I’m dying to make more of your dishes!Reply

    • Laura

      Hi Whitney,
      Thanks so much for this. I’m not sure what’s happening here! Can you let me know which recipes specifically you were looking at that were leading you to 404’s? I’ll try to fix this up for you.

  • Christina

    Are most of these recipes in the book?
    Everthing looks fantastic!Reply

    • Laura

      Hi there,
      All of these recipes are available on my site! All recipe titles are links that you can click on to get to the recipe.

  • Kamila Harkavy

    Spelt is NOT gluten free!!!
    You have spelt recipes coded as GF.Reply

    • Laura

      Hi Kamila,
      If I’ve tagged a spelt recipe as GF, it’s because I’ve included GF substitution options in the recipe headnotes.

  • Jauquetta Lynn

    I love your food! Had made the tofu for the crispy squares then lost the recipe for the sauce. Can’t wait to make this. Your food just ISN’T the typical type of vegetarian that I remember from the 70s. This is seriously good food for anyone’s taste! Thank you, I’m dairy free, not by choice! 40 yrs. Am pretty much wheat free, but I found some Italian wheat that I can tolerate. Meat is just loosing its charm! I’ve been on the fench and this is pushing me to the good side!Reply

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    Thanks so much for all your ideas, hard work, photos, etc. I love your food!Reply

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    I lost your Sloppy Jane recipe, can you please send it to me? Thank you!Reply

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    Is there a search bar? Often I like to just type in an ingredient and looking through the recipes that come up. I find it really tricky to find recipes I love unless I remember what you have tittles them. Reply

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