Nutty Vegan Breakfast Cookies

Nutty Vegan Breakfast Cookies

Nutty vegan breakfast cookies are a scrumptious and hearty grab-and-go breakfast or treat. These cookies are naturally sweetened and gluten-free also.

An overhead shot of ingredients and prep for a baking project.A hand is mixing together dry ingredients for baking.

I believed that the world was abundant enough in vegan breakfast cookie dishes (heck, I even have one in my cookbook!), however I surveyed interest on this specific one on Instagram a bit back and the reaction was so unexpected! I think a great deal of us need grab and go breakfast choices nowadays. Or all of us simply truly like cookies:-RRB-

These vegan breakfast cookies were checked and fine-tuned a fair bit to get to this point. The very first models were yummy enough, however regrettably broke down rather quickly after a couple days. I understand that a great deal of individuals prep things like this at the start of the week, so I wanted a specific level of durability.

I likewise understood that I didn’t delight in the dried fruit in them at all, which is odd since I like raisins in cookies typically. However in this one, it was truly tinkering the texture and making them a lot more wet-seeming than they required to be.

After sharing this short article about the toll of commercial almond crops on bee health and the environment, a lot of individuals reacted to me. A couple expert beekeepers messaged me and validated that the rate of almond production in The United States and Canada truly is tinkering bees.

On top of that, I have actually checked out that a single almond needs over one gallon of water to produce. Moving forward, I will attempt to be more selective with my almond sourcing and will likely choose other plant-based milks regularly if I can.

However why did I keep the almond flour in this dish? Rather just: I had a huge bag being in my kitchen. Among one of the most standard however essential things I have actually found out about decreasing waste and environmentally-conscious way of life options is that in fact utilizing what you have prior to acquiring the most sustainable/ethical replacement is the best thing to do– even if it isn’t very interesting.

There’s a terrific regional store that offers a great deal of cool no waste and natural body care products, and the owner typically stresses that she would choose her prospective consumers consume what they have prior to purchasing at her shop. I appreciate this a lot!

If you run out almond flour and have the chance to make a more sustainable option, I note some options in the dish headnotes. Eventually, utilizing what you have access to is what will work best for you. I’m everything about those little and steady modifications that use up more area in our awareness since we have actually gradually constructed them up in time.

Wet ingredients being poured into a bowl of dry ingredients from up high.A side angle shot of a plate of wholesome cookies.An overhead shot of a single cookie on a beige napkin.

Nutty Vegan Breakfast Cookies

Nutty vegan breakfast cookies are a scrumptious and hearty grab-and-go breakfast or treat. Naturally sweetened and gluten-free also.

PREPARATION TIME 15 minutes COOK TIME 30 minutes OVERALL TIME 45 minutes

Course Breakfast, Treat Diet Plan Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Servings: 11 big cookies

Author: Laura Wright


  • 2 tablespoons ground flaxseed
  • 6 tablespoons filtered water
  • 1 cup rolled oats (licensed GF if essential)
  • 3/4 cup almond flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon great sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1/4 cup sliced pecans
  • 1/4 cup dairy-free chocolate chips(* )1/4 (* )cup(* )avocado oil, sunflower oil OR melted and cooled coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup smooth, well-stirred peanut butter
  • 1/3 cup maple syrup
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract(* )millet, for scattering( optional)
  • Directions Preheat oven to 325 ° F. Line a big baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone mat. In a little bowl, integrate the ground flaxseed and water. Stir to integrate and reserve to thicken for 5 minutes.
  • In a big bowl, integrate the rolled oats, almond flour, cinnamon, salt, baking soda, coconut, pumpkin seeds, pecans, and chocolate chips. Stir to integrate.

In a medium bowl, integrate the avocado oil, peanut butter, maple syrup, vanilla, and the thickened flaxseed mix. Blend up until completely integrated and velvety.

  • Include the avocado oil mix to the dry active ingredients in the largo bowl. Utilizing a spatula, stir up until you have a thick batter and all active ingredients are completely integrated.
  • Utilizing a little 1/4 cup procedure, scoop up the batter and bang it out onto the ready flat pan. Repeat with the staying dough.
  • Flatten each part of dough out with your palm while concurrently forming the sides of the cookie with your other hand. You desire strong edges; not craggy ones. Leading each cookie with a spray of millet.
  • Bake the vegan breakfast cookies for 28-30 minutes, or up until golden brown and somewhat company. Let them cool completely (a minimum of one hour) prior to keeping in a loosely covered container/aluminum foil/Beeswrap setup (see headnote) at space temperature level for as much as 5 days.
  • Notes
  • If you have a level of sensitivity, you can change the rolled oats with either quinoa flakes or buckwheat flakes. These are both pseudograins, so not absolutely proper for those that are preventing grains. I have actually not checked a grain-free variation of these, so can not talk about alternatives.
  • You can replace hazelnut meal or a homemade meal of raw sunflower seeds (simply grind raw sunflower seeds in a food mill up until they look like almond flour/meal). Understand that sunflower seed meal integrated with baking soda constantly causes green-ish tinged baked products.
  • The maple syrup is an essential structural and binding part for these. I have actually not checked the cookies without the existence of any sort of sweetener, so experiment at your own threat.

If you’re utilizing an alternative nut/seed butter here, it MUST be smooth, well-stirred, and fluid.

  • These cookies keep best when they are LOOSELY covered in either aluminum foil or Beeswrap. A securely sealed Tupperware-style container will make them too moist/crumbly in time!
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An overhead shot of a single cookie on a beige napkin alongside a frothy coffee. So delighted for these! I have actually made the ones from your cookbook a lot of times, I have actually remembered the dish. I certainly fall under the classification of an individual who simply truly likes cookies– I’m constantly trying to find a more healthy option I can consume on the day-to-day without stressing over sugar overload. These look ideal and I have overall faith in your dishes. Thanks for all the work you do, not simply with your dishes however likewise with developing an area that has plenty of favorable energy and forward motion! Reply Mary Ann Harville

  • I require to get some drippy peanut butter however I have actually got whatever else on board! I’m going to make these this weekend and will offer you a report! I 2nd whatever that Elizabeth stated so I’m going to duplicate the most essential art. You are remarkable, the work you provide for everybody is remarkable and I like that I can connect to you and get an action. Thanks for all the work you do, not simply with your dishes however likewise with developing an area that has plenty of favorable energy and forward motion!

    Reply Salina

  • These look definitely scrumptious! So pleased you published the dish today since I in fact wished to make them the other day (taking a look at your image) and considering that the dish wasn’t up I needed to make my own one up however wasn’t so pleased with the texture of it, I’ll make certain to attempt these out! Love the bowls:-RRB-

    Reply Pavlina

  • Do you reckon they would freeze well.? They appear like the ideal emergency situation treat:-RRB-

    Reply Laura

  • Hi There Pavlina,

    I have not frozen these particular ones yet, however I have froze cookies comparable to this and they held up fantastic. Do let us understand if you attempt it:-RRB-
    – L

    • Reply

      When I inquired about freezing, that was prior to I made them. Now that they came out of the oven, I question there will be any left for the freezer:-RRB- They are DELICIOUS!!! And precisely what I require to renew energy after a (infant caused) sleep deprived night. When I freeze the next batch, I will report back if it worked;-RRB- Thank you !!
      Dana Simply stunning, buddy!

      • Reply

        Carrie Jenkins

  • I made these today with my child. They ended up fantastic! They were a little sticky and tough to form so I put them in a silicone muffin liners and they ended up completely.

    Reply Theresa

  • I made these last night. My 8 years of age child enjoyed licking the batter off of the spoon. I shared them with a couple of colleagues today. They ended up fantastic. I utilized 1/4 cup and it made 9. Thank you for all the beautiful dishes.

    Reply Jordan

  • I enjoyed these breakfast cookies! I made simply a couple of modifications based upon what I had: a mix of sunflower seeds and cashews rather of pecans, and I utilized simply 2 Tablespoon of honey rather of the maple syrup. (Next time I believe I would utilize 3) They ended up fantastic and have a really hearty taste and texture and even with less of the honey/maple syrup, appear to hold up well. My partner likes them and he generally avoids sweeter variations of these cookies. Thanks for another fantastic dish!

    Reply Helen

  • I made these as directed, consisting of the scattering of millet & pressing a pecan into the top prior to baking. Pretty & scrumptious! I will certainly make once again.

    Reply Hilary

  • I simply consumed one out of the oven and I believe they will make a charming on the go breakfast! So yummy. I made as directed other than I utilized sweetened coconut and routine milk chocolate chips cuz that’s what I had on hand. However when I make once again I will utilize what you recommended as they are simply a small little bit too sweet for breakfast (however I do not truly like sweet things in the early morning, insane I understand)

    Reply Lucy

  • Oh man, these are so excellent. I utilized steel cut oats that I whirled in my food mill for a bit. I included chocolate chips to simply half of mine as I, personally, do not like chocolate. I discovered the ones with chocolate in them to be harder to form, however otherwise this was a simple and quick dish. I will not consume these for breakfast as the sweet taste is more dessert cookie for my tastes, however I will certainly be making these once again.

    Reply Sus

  • So delicious! I utilized tahini rather of peanut butter and included a couple of additional chocolate chips however otherwise adhered to the dish. We will certainly make these once again! Love all the First Mess cookie dishes

    Reply Kelli

    • I’m gad that you published this as I am going to utilize tahini, too! I discover peanut butter overpowering. And I constantly include additional chocolate chips

      Sue Outstanding dish! Thanks so much.:-RRB-

      • Reply


  • Dang, these were scrumptious– therefore simple to make! I likewise had simply the correct amount of almond flour to consume. I followed this dish to a T and would not alter a thing. Fortunately my partner is try out periodic fasting so I get to consume all of them for breakfast:D Thanks, Laura!

    Reply Kim

  • These are scrumptious! I forgot the coconut and the cookies did not suffer. I froze the cookies once they cooled entirely and have actually been enjoying them (a bit frequently) considering that I made them. Thank you, Laura!

    Reply Jane

  • These were fantastic! All of us enjoyed them! I was stressed they might be too sweet for me however they were ideal. I left out the chocolate chips and included sunflower and sesame seeds. Oh… and I did have one previous to the cooling phase. Mmmmmm! Extremely advise!;–RRB-

    Reply Anne

  • Simply made these tonight, they’re scrumptious! I believe they would be fantastic to bring on a walking, or a trip.

    Reply Kristen

  • Simply made these today, with a couple alternatives utilizing what I had, and they are so. Stinken. Great I have actually been altering ‘breakfast cookie’ dishes all winter season searching for the best one, healthy enough to not be dessert however tasty sufficient to choose my coffee, and this is it!! The flaxseed meal is a terrific egg alternative too, gon na utilize that a person in other dishes I’m dealing with. Thank you!

    Reply Cassie Thuvan Tran

  • These look UNBELIEVABLE– I love anything nutty with a mix of sweet, crispy, and a little salted tastes! Would almond oil work for this dish?

    Reply Kimberly

  • These look scrumptious! The only thing is, I do not like flaxseed. Will ground Chia seeds work as a replacement?

    Reply Laura

  • Hi There Kimberly! I believe ground chia seeds would work simply as well.

    – L Reply

    • Kelly Wingard

      I made them the other day with Psyllium Husk rather of Flaxseed. They are holding together well.
      Reply Kelly Wingard

    • I made them the other day with psyllium husk in 1 for 1 replacement with the flax seed. I believe they turned put a terrific texture.

      Reply Laura

    • Love this replacement suggestion! Thanks Kelly.

      – L Roberto

      • They look definitely fantastic, I am going to provide a shot:-RRB-


  • These are the very best breakfast cookies! I do not understand why I never ever believed to make a breakfast cookie WITHOUT dried fruit. It looks like every breakfast cookie dish out there consists of dried fruit, which in fact makes the cookie rather sweet.

    Adhering to simply nuts and seeds keeps the flavour more nutty (clearly) and practically savoury, however likewise simply sweet sufficient??? Possibly that’s complicated, I do not understand. What isn’t complicated is this dish. It’s the bomb. Thank you, Laura!

  • Reply

    Jen Hodder

    Oh my, a need to make. Thank you ♥

    Reply clara

  • These are precisely what I was trying to find, they are truly excellent and not too sweet! Thank you

    Reply Laura

  • Wondering how to make my natural almond butter “drippy”. I can’t consume peanuts.

    Reply Laura

  • If your almond butter is very company, it’s great! You’ll simply need to work a bit harder at the stirring of the completed batter;-RRB-

    – L Reply

    • Lilly

      These are definitely incredible, and all of your material is fantastic. Thank you!
      Reply Chantal

  • These cookies are scrumptious. They have such a great balance of flavour, and are really rewarding! I like them as a afternoon treat … or early morning treat;-RRB- I have actually made them most likely a lots times now, and I’m never ever dissatisfied. My relative who I have actually shared cookies with truly enjoy them also. I have made 11 huge cookies, and I’ve attempted making 22 smaller sized cookies, and my individual choice is the 11 huge cookies … however when I make the smaller sized ones I consume 2 at a time rather of keeping back at 1;-P

    Reply Riley Nelson

  • Can I utilize olive or canola oil rather of avocado oil? Thank you, these cookies look scrumptious.

    Reply Laura

  • Yep, both will work!

    – L Reply

    • Maia Bromberg

      I attempted these today (for lunch) and they are simply as delicious as everybody states. My hubby kept asking over and over, these can’t be healthy?!? They are simply a cookie, right? I am delighted for something to change up my “fast breakfast “days.
      Reply Bianca

  • Simply questioning if you believe there is anything I could replacement for the oats? Conscious all grains!

    Reply Thais

  • These are the very best cookies !!! Correct amount of sweet taste, healthy and definitely scrumptious. My hubby does not even like cookies or sugary foods and enjoyed them. I have the sweetest tooth and likewise enjoyed them … It’s tough to discover dishes that please both people, however this one accomplished! Thank you quite for sharing. I have a batch in tthe over today and am delighted for a bite:-RRB-

    Reply DeAndra

  • Will coconut flour work here? I understand you stated to utilize what you have however I’ve checked out that coconut flour could be a little difficult to deal with considering that it soaks up a lot?

    5 stars
    Reply Laura

  • Hi There DeAndra,

    Coconut flour is very drying, so that’s why it’s a tough replacement. Do you have any other kind of flour on hand? Normally if you’re subbing coconut flour, you require to lower the quantity of it by a minimum of 2 thirds. And even then, some other component quantities might need to be moved. Sorry, want it was simpler!
    – L

    • Reply

      Thank you for your reaction. I chose not to make them the very first time around considering that all I had was coconut however here I am, back, geared up and all set to feast on a tray of them thanks!
      I simply made these and I am believing I would not utilize avocado oil next time? Makes them a bit too vegetal for my taste however otherwise I make sure they’re fantastic. Will utilize coconut oil next time and report back. Thanks Laura!

      • Reply


  • Another scrumptious dish from you. I sprayed the tops with amaranth flakes and utilized walnuts rather of pecans. It’s fantastic that you recommend subs and use extra information. Each of your dishes has actually been simple to follow and yummy. Thank you.

    4 stars
    Reply Marlene L Monica

  • Do you have the calorie and other information on this dish?

    Reply Peasnips

  • Made these the other day and I like them. Did not have pumpkin seeds so I replaced walnuts. Utilized a tart ring and a quarter cup ice cream scoop to form them. Super simple dish thank you

    Reply Jill

  • I make these regular monthly! They are ab fantastic breakfast.

    My only suggestion is to form them with damp hands! It assists a lot Reply

  • Rae

    5 stars
    These look scrumptious! Number of? s– could brown sugar be subbed for the maple syrup? Likewise okay to switch out the oil with unsweetened applesauce? Thanks!
    Reply Ashley

  • They smell excellent, and the batter is scrumptious, however they are spreading out substantially, i might not bake them as long as directed. I did not have natural pb, so secondhand almond butter, and lacked maple syrup so I utilized honey. They’ll be edible, not exactly sure what texture will be while cooled. Thanks?


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