Golden Serene Latte

Golden Serene Latte

The golden peaceful latte is a completely warming mix of espresso, winter season spices, and turmeric, straight influenced by Haldi Doodh.

An overhead shot of spices in a small white bowl.

Image shows a milk frother on a kitchen counter with a jar of milk and a bottle of vanilla extract nearby.

Dropping in quick with my outright preferred thing nowadays. We have actually had some really hectic days and this cup of goodness provides me all the juice I require to take it all on. I begin eagerly anticipating it the night previously, no joke.

The beverage is basically a normal espresso-based latte made with a turmeric and other warm spice frothed cashew milk. With regard to origin and the motivation, the turmeric and milk mix ties to haldi doodh, the Hindi expression for “the milk of turmeric.”

At any time we’re speaking about “turmeric lattes” or the numerous other methods it is called, I like to refer myself and others back to this extraordinary piece of food writing by Mayukh Sen: How Indian is Your “Turmeric Latte”? When it comes to possible health advantages, Kanchan from the Spice Spice Infant blog site constantly has a lot info on the power of spices. You can read her post on turmeric here.

Fall and Winter season generally presents me a minimum of one small eczema flare-up and I do have some continuous sciatic nerve discomfort problems, so the more anti-inflammatory action I can get in my life, the much better as far as I’m worried.

I have this small fixation with finding/DIY’ ing the very best plant-based milk for warming and frothing. It’s my own individual foam celebration that never ever ends. I treated myself to the Breville milk frother a couple years earlier and wow, I like that thing. You can include any spices, extracts, sweeteners and so on to the milk as it does its thing, which is the very best part. Because I attempt to do it yourself milk whenever possible to prevent extreme product packaging streaming through my home, I attempted to come up with a supreme homemade alternative for foam.

And I suggest I actually attempted. I made prepared oat milks, raw oat milks, various blends of nuts, seeds, slivered and entire almonds, MCT or grapeseed oil included, maple syrup or walking cane sugar syrup in the mix, unsweetened milks, milks with sunflower lecithin or tapioca starch, generally whatever!

I can state after my own extensive experimentation that the very best homemade milk for frothing is an extremely basic raw cashew milk made with a rigorous ratio of 1 part nuts to 5 parts water and a touch of maple syrup. That’s it. Sort of anti-climactic right? I have actually likewise discovered that this homemade Maple Cinnamon Hemp Milk froths incredibly well, and the flavour works perfectly here.

When I make my own nut/seed milks, I’m generally opting for a 1:6 nuts to water ratio since I’m primarily simply utilizing it in healthy smoothies. For frothing functions, the milk requires to be a bit richer. And if you do not have a frother, not to fret. I consist of alternative preparation approaches in the dish. Hope you all enjoy this undoubtedly basic dish today.


Golden Serene Latte

The golden peaceful latte is a completely warming mix of espresso, winter season spices, and turmeric, straight influenced by Haldi Doodh.


Course Drink, Breakfast Diet Plan Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Servings: 1

Author: Laura Wright


  • Milk Frother


  • 1 cup homemade cashew milk dish listed below
  • sweetener of option to taste
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
  • little pinch ground nutmeg
  • couple twists of black pepper
  • 2 shots of espresso


  • If you can include spices/powders to your milk frother( examine the handbook), integrate all of the components other than the espresso in the pitcher of your milk frother. Set to your perfect temperature level and let it warm up while you make the espresso.
  • Put 2 shots of espresso into a big mug. When the spice-frothed milk is all set, put it over the espresso. Spray the golden peaceful latte with additional cinnamon if you like.


  • The quality of your turmeric makes a distinction. My favored turmeric is from Diaspora Co. The flavour blows me away each time.
  • You can sweeten this based upon your choice. I like about a teaspoon of maple syrup.
  • No espresso, no issue. Simply utilize about 1/3– 1/2 cup of strong coffee rather.
  • If you have a high speed mixer, you can merely integrate the following in the mixer pitcher on high for the very same result: 12oz hot coffee, 3 tablespoons of raw cashews, all of the listed below noted spices, vanilla, and sweetener. Mix for a minute and done!
  • If you do not have a frother, heat the milk with the spices, vanilla, and sweetener in a pan on the range over medium heat, blending intensely. Once it’s simmering, merely put it over the coffee. No foam with this alternative, however it’s still yummy. You can likewise move the heated milk to a high speed mixer prior to putting over the coffee for some froth.

Cashew Milk

Super velvety and basic cashew milk– no straining needed!

PREPARATION TIME 5 minutes Soaking Time 2 hrs OVERALL TIME 2 hrs 5 minutes

Course Fundamentals, Drink, Breakfast, Drinks Diet Plan Gluten Free, Vegan

Servings: 6 Cups

Author: Laura Wright


  • Mixer


  • 1 cup raw cashews, soaked for a minimum of 2 hours and drained pipes
  • 5 cups water
  • pinch sea salt


  • In a high speed mixer, integrate the cashews and water. Mix on high till smooth and milk-like. Put into sealable containers and shop in the refrigerator for approximately a week. No straining required!

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  • Lori

    I can’t comprehend WHY individuals would have objections about your drink posts. Truthfully, you have a few of the very best drink dishes and your golden milk latte is the reason I discovered your blog site. I make that latte on the routine including your Much better than Bulletproof latte. Keep those drinks streaming, Laura! Reply

  • suzanne

    FIY-I love your beverage dishes & miss out on delighted hour too Reply

  • Janie

    Wow this appearance so excellent! Thanks for all your incredibly dishes! Reply

  • Smadar

    I like your drink posts. I make your superfood lattes all the time in the winter season. The one that tastes like a gingerbread cookie gets me through January and February. And I’m going to make this one today. xx Reply

  • Murielle Banackissa

    Laura, I definitely loooove your beverage dishes, so please keep them coming! This one looks definitely remarkable. I simply recently likewise entered making my own milks and I like it. Up until now I have actually attempted almond milk & hemp milk. I felt hemp milk was a little too strong particularly if I wish to enjoy it in coffee. I believe my next one on the list is cashew milk and I will certainly be making this beverage & sharing it on IG. You are seriously among my preferred blog writers out there– all the dishes I have actually attempted from your book and blog site are mind blowing (particularly since they really frequently need so little components). Anyways, like your work! * golden peaceful latte cheers;-RRB- * Reply

  • Jessica

    Cashews are inflamatory!!! Filled with lectins. Check Out The Plant Paradox by Dr. Gundry. I feel a lot better after just 10 days on it. Plus cashews belong to poisen ivy and include chemical irritants called anacardic acids. Likewise I can’t picture why individuals would discuss your publishing of drinks. Here we are totally in Fall and what is more charming than something velvety and warm. I’ll simply make mine with macadamia or blanched almond milk as almond skins likewise have lectins and completely trigger inflamation. Reply

    • Laura

      Hello Jessica,
      I do value your discuss numerous levels. I have actually checked out and thoroughly thought about the info in Dr. Gundry’s book. For me personally, cashews (and other lectin-containing foods) do not appear to exacerbate my swelling problems. It deserves note that the anacardic acid irritant is discovered in the oil of the cashew’s shell; not the nuts themselves. The majority of “raw” cashews readily available for purchase are really steamed at high pressure to get rid of any possible traces of the anacardic acid.

      Everybody’s body is various and I completely comprehend that those handling autoimmune illness and other conditions might take advantage of his recommendations. If you have not currently, I will motivate you to check out pieces from other physicians weighing in on Dr. Gundry’s work for a fuller photo. Legumes and other lectin-containing foods are the structure of a few of the durability blue zone diet plans all over the world. In Addition, Dr. Gundry personally raised some warnings for me with his continuous aggressive vitamin line sales pitches and his suggestion of all egg yolk omelettes (he’s a cardiologist!). Simply wished to weigh in with my take for both conversational functions and for other individuals who might read this.

      Laura Reply

      • diane

        A great deal of nutrition researchers have actually stated that these lectin claims are rubbish. However I concur, you do what feels right for you.

        When it comes to turmeric, I spray it on my food frequently however have actually not seen any anti-inflammatory results on my joints for instance. Very same for arnica. Perhaps turmeric works at the cellular level, dunno. However I likewise checked out that researchers who study alzheimers think it has preventative advantages so I continue to drink and eat it.

        I admit that I dislike the mess that includes straining nuts so I seldom make my own nutmilk, however I just recently attempted the brand-new Silk Cashew/Almond milk in the plantbased bottle product packaging (discovered it at Sobeys) and believed it tasted terrific. It even smelled like real almonds and cashews, picture that! However it stopped working when I attempted to make a latte with it. It lathered fine, however it tasted bitter and/or drawn out the bitterness in the coffee.

      • Jennifer Haliday

        A really perfectly worded reaction. I value your perceptiveness and dishes.

  • Erin Michel

    I remain in complete assistance of your drink posts! Whenever I go to make a beverage I constantly google whatever it may be (state a matcha, or golden latte like this one) plus “the very first mess”, so that I get whatever dishes you have with them, even if you constantly make the very best mixes of everything.:-RRB- Reply

  • stephanie

    i likewise miss out on the delighted hour posts! Reply

  • sweetC

    This sounds charming! I wished to share my frothing hack on the inexpensive. Its an aeroLatte portable milk frother. It takes 2 AA batteries and will froth up a hot drink in no time! at less than $20 it does not spend a lot. I generally fill my cup 2/3 complete with hot drink (so it does not overflow when frothing) and froth the heck out of it by getting it spinning and after that riding the edge of the whirlpool of liquid for a bit. Then complement the cup. Delight in! Reply

  • Brittany Scully

    DITTO. Drink posts for the win! Keep them coming. Thank you for this one, this is a little golden milk latte with a twist. Reply

  • Kelsey F

    Chiming in since I likewise miss out on the delighted hour posts! They were so special, and I actually took pleasure in reading them. If you’re thinking about bringing them back, understand that you have some fans! Reply

  • Judith Lipton

    I like this dish, thank you!
    Now please inform us, what is your preferred method to make espresso? Do you have an automated or semiautomatic gadget, or stovetop? I attempted Aeropress, not amazed. Nespresso is excellent however pricey per cup. On Amazon I see something called a Style.
    I’m a little bit of an espresso fanatic. Please assist! Reply

    • Laura

      Hello Judith,
      I have an ooooold Nespresso maker (like among the very first variations) that we enter stages of utilizing. I concur that it is a bit pricy, however coffee brings a great deal of happiness to my life so I’m alright with it. I likewise value that they compost the premises and recycle the pods for you (they consist of a postmarked bag to send out utilized pods back in with your order). I understand it’s not the most eco-friendly alternative, so we do alternate making use of it with stages of a standard drip coffee machine. I have actually heard that the ROK manual espresso maker is remarkable!
      – L Reply

      • Annaliese

        I can verify that the ROK is incredibly simple to utilize, as long as you call in on the grind size of your beans. Utilizing a burr mill assists, for more even particle size circulation … it’s enjoyable, however spends some time to get utilized to. It’s likewise incredibly portable and low waste. Likewise, I like the drink posts … making nourishing drinks is an enjoyable and calming routine for my regimen, sooo … I value them! Thank you!

  • Kathryn

    Foam. Celebration.

    Thankful everybody beat me to it in stating we like your drink & delighted hour posts! Can’t wait to attempt this one. Thanks likewise for your terrific reply on the Gundry remark; I value how notified you are. Reply

  • Ashley

    Echoing the other folks, I like your drink posts too! I was seriously addicted to your iced tea posts this summer season. It conserved me throughout my early morning commute and made life a bit much better. And I can not get enough of any of your latte dishes– it’s something I eagerly anticipate for fall/winter. You rock! Reply

  • Sarah

    Who are these individuals dissing your drink posts ?! I enjoyed them! Your blood orange lassi is among my favorites. #BringBackHappyHour Reply

  • jaclyn webb

    stunning images and charming dish. makes me want i consumed caffeine. likewise terrific reaction to the lectin/plant paradox remark, i concur totally with you. whats in the little snake bag? are those tarot cards? do inform, as that bag is charming. Reply

    • Laura

      Yes it’s the Mesquite Tarot deck! Super mild images and stunning colour scheme.
      – L Reply

  • McKenzie

    Ah I so anticipated your delighted hour posts, for the beverage dishes, yes, however particularly for the links, which I would generally take an early morning to browse. They were frequently sites I do not generally go to.

    Thanks for describing the opposite of the Gundry argument. I’ve seen this appear a lot recently and I can’t lie … it’s made me anxious? I do not understand an aspect of lectins, however they sure appear to be in a great deal of foods I consume so I feel relieved at your reaction. Reply

    • Abby

      I 100% concur, I enjoyed taking some time to check out the delighted hour links. They generally made me take time out and show, vs. simply another dish roundup like numerous other blog writers do (not that that’s a bad thing, however I valued the distinction). Reply

  • Susanna

    I’m a substantial fan of Elmhurst almond milk. Simply 2 components– almonds and water. It’s thick and velvety. Have not attempted their other milks, however they have a lot of ranges.

    I have actually constantly checked out that turmeric needs some black pepper for for absorption. I included a couple of twists to my latte, which was excellent, btw. And I, too, like your beverage dishes. Hope you keep them coming. Reply

  • Sara

    Thank you for this, and count me in Group Delighted Hour Beverages! I miss them too. Reply

  • Sophie K

    Individuals are insane. Delighted hour posts have actually constantly been my favorite of all your posts. I even keep all the dishes in a “Delighted Hour” note. Reply

  • Midwestern Woman Baker

    For my 2 cents, I likewise enjoyed your dink posts and would not mind seeing a couple of more. Reply

  • Abby

    I miss your delighted hour posts! And I like your beverage posts too! Keep doing what you desire, your genuine voice constantly shines through. Thank you! Reply

  • Caitlin

    I want to chime in to state that I like your drink posts (and I have actually bookmarked a lot of your previous lattes and elixers) and this looks tasty. Thank you! Reply

  • Julia

    i miss Your Delighted hour Posts, too, i like those Type of regular monthly favourites! Reply

  • Heather McClees

    Laura, I simply like your blog site! Love your tonic and beverage dishes, too. I have actually GOT to get me among those makers– swoon!:-RRB- Can you advise your preferred espresso powder? All the ones I have actually attempted are bitter, and I understand you have terrific taste so can’t wait to hear your preferred one!:-RRB- Thanks beforehand!

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