Fennel Walnut Soup with Leeks & Turmeric

Fennel Walnut Soup with Leeks & Turmeric

A golden and renewing fennel walnut soup with apples, leeks, and turmeric. Walnuts are combined into the soup for an additional velvety texture.

Apples fallen from a tree in deep grass and weeds.

An up close shot of fennel walnut soup with turmeric. The soup is bright yellow and garnished with toasted walnuts, fennel fronds and a drizzle of maple syrup.

An overhead shot of soup ingredients on a light wood cutting board in moody lighting.

Every season is soup season in my eyes. The colour of this fennel walnut soup with turmeric wins me over each time. I enjoy including a handful of toasted nuts to a mixed soup since it “creams” the texture up a bit. This likewise makes the soup extremely satisfying!

It’s cooled down a bit here, so the idea of hot soup and a crust of bread is additional attractive. We have actually been doing lots of Fall gardening and clean-up, so comfortable lunch breaks are perfect. I enjoy fennel with leeks and apples in a salad circumstance, all sprayed with toasted and sliced walnuts. A warm variation of that felt ideal.

I will take my anti-inflammatory goodness in any method I can get it, so we include a little spoonful of turmeric to this fennel walnut soup. It dyes the soup mustard-yellow, which is sort of joyful in its own unique method. I pre-toast the walnuts in the pan, simmer them in addition to the veg and purée them into the soup itself. Strong warm walnut flavour comes through with all of the leeks, fennel and gently sweet apple and makes the entire thing a touch creamier.

Lots more soup motivation can be discovered here! I’m especially keen on this spicy white bean one with potatoes or this ginger sweet potato one with coconut milk and lentils.

4 photos: one of an apple tree up close, one of fallen spoiled apples in the dirt, one of a package of turmeric, and one of a bowl of fennel walnut soup.

A wooden spoon is sticking out of a pot and it has a dusting of turmeric on it.

An overhead shot of fennel walnut soup with turmeric on a beige and blue napkin over a grey concrete background. The soup is bright yellow and garnished with toasted walnuts, fennel fronds and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Fennel Walnut Soup with Leeks & Turmeric

A golden and renewing fennel walnut soup with apples, leeks, and turmeric. Walnuts are combined into the soup for an additional velvety texture.

PREPARATION TIME 15 minutes COOK TIME 30 minutes OVERALL TIME 45 minutes

Course Main Dish, Soup Diet Plan Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Servings: 4

Author: Laura Wright


  • Mixer



  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 3 leeks, white and light green parts sliced ( dispose of green tops or utilize them for stock)
  • 2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves, sliced
  • 1 medium fennel bulb, cored and sliced
  • 1 medium apple, peeled, cored and sliced
  • 1 teaspoon ground turmeric
  • 1/2 cup walnut halves, toasted
  • sea salt and ground black pepper, to taste
  • 4 cups veggie stock

To Serve

  • maple syrup
  • newly ground black pepper
  • sliced fennel leaves
  • more toasted walnuts sliced


  • Heat the olive oil in a big soup pot over medium. Include the sliced leeks and thyme. Stir and sauté the leeks up until they are a bit soft, about 4 minutes. Include the sliced fennel and apples. Stir whatever up a bit. Include the turmeric and stir to coat all of the veggies equally. Sauté the veggies up until the fennel is beginning to soften, another 4 minutes. Include the walnuts and stir them in. Season the entire thing with salt and pepper. Include the veggie stock and stir.
  • Cover the pot and give a boil. Simmer up until all of the vegetables/apples are extremely soft, about 12-15 minutes. Eliminate the soup from the heat. Thoroughly mix the mix in batches in an upright mixer up until completely smooth. Inspect the soup for spices and change appropriately.
  • Put the puréed soup back into the pot. Bring the puréed fennel walnut soup to a boil and after that serve hot with little drizzles of maple syrup, fresh black pepper, fennel leaves, and more toasted walnuts if you like.


  • This is a quite basic soup! Naturally, I constantly believe homemade veggie stock is perfect, however particularly with a soup with minimal active ingredients like this one.

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  • Beth Young

    stunning colours! And such fantastic photography! We consume a great deal of fennel in Italy so will absolutely provide this a go! Reply

  • Harriet

    This dish looks so seasonally scrumptious (and lovely!). Likewise, your story made me laugh aloud, moms and dads are amusing. However I wager your garden is going to be incredible! Reply

  • Emma Galloway

    LOVE this and can so relate. We purchased our home (back in NZ) a couple of weeks prior to I was due with our very first kid. It’s shabbiness was frustrating, fortunately I remained in complete nesting mode so climbing up on unstable ladders (real story-imagine insane huge stubborn belly woman) to clean up the years of cobwebs from the window frames was completely manageable. The oven on the other hand was another story. It was so feral I out-right declined to clean it, or utilize it. The strategy was to chuck it and purchase a brand-new one … up until a couple of months later on when I sucked it up and cleaned up the damn thing. Understanding complete well that we had no additional money to purchase a brand-new one! You will surpass this and recall and smile. You own your own house, it’s YOURS! That is extremely cool xx
    P.s LOVING this soup. Reply

  • Emma

    Seems Like such an enjoyable job you’re handling. I can envision it’s a substantial quantity of work however think about the best house you’ll have when it’s all over:-RRB-
    Beautiful soup. All flavours I enjoy. Reply

  • Sini|my blue & white cooking area

    Oh, wow. Take a look at that amazing, lively color! I question if I can utilize fresh turmeric root rather … I’ll attempt!

    And congrats for your brand-new home! I make sure it’ll become a beautiful house. Reply

  • Ashley

    Congrats on the home!! I can totally associate with this post, other than for the part where your mother chops down trees.:-RRB- For the previous 2.5 years we have actually had perpetual jobs and are now on to old home # 2. It’s extreme however fulfilling. The hardest part is for me is seeming like I desire it to all be done today. We simply wish to feel settled! I have actually overcome that with the “brand-new” home however am still itching to be able to unload whatever. Sluggish + stable. xoxo Now, soup me, please! Reply

  • Kulsum

    I believe you will make your home lovely similar to this soup. I have numerous (MANY) turmeric stained wood spoons and your image advised me of that. ah! Reply

  • ana

    My mum is nearly as badass as yours;–RRB-
    Incredible concept for the soup! I got utilized to having yellow discolorations around my cooking area. Got ta love that root! Reply

  • Reesa

    Magnificently composed post, and beautiful looking soup! Not the sort of thing I ‘d generally make (I discover leeks picky and do not loooove walnuts), however you have actually absolutely motivated me! You’re so difficult out there, it makes me wish to attempt something brand-new. I wager I’ll be pleased. Reply

  • ebie

    Congrats on the house! My man and I likewise just recently purchased a little fixer-upper; we have actually been showering outdoors for 2 months now while we meticulously appropriate 70 years of bad tile, unequal wall studs and bad ventilation in the one and just restroom. We finished the last touch last night– refinishing the chipped-up vintage tub with a completely poisonous epoxy– and when it’s formally treated in 3 days, and we can lastly shower inside your home once again, I think I wish to commemorate with this soup. (It has to do with time, too, since the love and novelty of bathing exterior is rapidly subsiding as truly winter sets in!) Reply

  • Juliette

    Congratulations on your brand-new house!! Your mother seems like a remarkable badass individual =-RRB- Reply

  • Kathryn

    Love the noise of your brand-new pad; a lot character and life in it. This soup is completely best too, intense and abundant and flavoursome and great. Reply

  • Claire (Consume Well. Celebration Hard.)

    ” You require to condition.” Daaaaaamn, life lesson undoubtedly! Big congrats and finest dreams as the brand-new experience gets underway:-RRB- Reply

  • Jenn Radford

    Checking out your combined fear/excitement about purchasing your own home completely struck home with me! The elation from being informed that you “won” to the extreme truth of So. Much. Financial obligation is a roller rollercoaster. 2 years after my home purchasing, my garden is still a little a disarray, however it’s house.

    I have actually been caring your blog site for a while now, I remain in Australia, so I need to save all your dishes upside down so the seasons match me much better. We have actually had a realyl moderate start to our Spring on the West Coast, so I will most likely provide this dish a try out the weekend anyhow! Reply

  • Fresh and Food Lover

    I am passing away over this photography. I ‘d seriously hang that soup on my wall. Wow. Reply

  • Stacy

    Top Priorities! Cost savings! Their adult years! It is difficult things, this living-life organization. I’m with you. Each time things appear to be running efficiently, or the difficult things has actually been figured out for a short while, something brand-new shows up. Advantage we have soup, and calming jobs like gardening, and moms and coaches to press us to be a bit more bad ass ourselves. xoxo Reply

  • Jacqui

    We purchased our home about 1 1/2 years earlier. Our home is quite old too and your lawn sounds similar to the chaos that ours remained in! However it’s occurring, inside and out. It constantly appears intimidating the jobs to do, however I still get delighted each time we begin something brand-new. Beautiful soup! Reply

  • sandra

    I made this meal and it was amazing– you can see mine over at meadowscooks.blogspot.com Reply

  • ara

    Simply made this for my mother last night with curry powder rather of plain turmeric and it was incredible! She requested for the dish and I can’t wait to make it once again:-RRB- Thank you! Reply

  • Ian

    Fantastic story and incredible pictures you publish on your blog site. This dish in specific appears like something that will taste incredible this time of year. It’s amusing how the scheme modifications with the seasons. The tastes of apple, fennel, and leek are so strong yet appear to match each other well. Can’t wait to make this! Reply

  • Diana

    I saw this dish in my inbox and made it the exact same day. It’s a beautiful soup and my hubby enjoyed it quite. I topped it with house made croutons! Reply

  • slywlf

    Oh my that was enjoyable– and amusing! And I can so associate with the panic/elation problem, as I remain in the lasts of offering my home/business of ten years and relocating to a severe fixer-upper with a dear good friend who has actually been my rock considering that my hubby passed away. She sounds a lot like your mom– an eager beaver who never ever states never ever;–RRB-
    I was referred here by 101 Cookbooks and I’m so pleased I came! Sounds so scrumptious– you now have a brand-new RSS customer;–RRB-
    When it comes to turmeric staining– hoo young boy do not I understand it! I was turned on to warm turmeric milk by another website, and rapidly found how that things will stain anything it is available in contact with! The something I have actually discovered that assists is as quickly as you can pat a paste of baking soda and water on the area( s) and leave it. Success will depend upon the product included; stainless-steel and glass will ultimately come tidy– plastic and counter laminate … not a lot– oh well– I like yellow;–RRB- Reply

  • Audrey

    I simply made this. I utilized roasted almonds rather of walnuts, and included a parsnip rather of leeks, stirred in some kale at the end, then topped it with a little honey, pepitas and greek yogurt and a dash of curry powder. Soooo delish! Thanks for the motivation. Reply

  • teague

    Your mother sounds amazing! It’s constantly great to have somebody to share some difficult love every when in a while, and after that a huge bowl of soup to cheer you up after! Looks scrumptious! Reply

  • Haley – egginon

    Wow this looks so so scrumptious! Perfect for cold fall days! Reply

  • Katie @ Whole Nutrition

    I made this for lunch today to opt for a beluga lentil salad. It was basic to throw up therefore scrumptious. The walnuts include a terrific body and the yellow color from the turmeric is lovely. Reply

  • Bartek

    Today was our very first significant snowfall here in Toronto. This soup was warming and it advised me of fall, although delighted for tobogganing and the winter season like, this was beautiful:-RRB- Thank you. Reply

  • Ellen Lederman

    I simply found your blog site when I looked for vegan dish utilizing fennel (Trader Joe’s had 2 bulbs for $2.49). Wow! This soup was great. So premium and special. I conserved a couple of pieces of the leeks and fennel to drift in the soup so it wasn’t all pureed and roasted the leeks and fennel in the oven prior to putting them into the soup. Soup is so healthy, with the veggies, walnut, and turmeric (nearly felt I didn’t need to take my turmeric supplement after having this for lunch!).

    I’ll be back to go to. typically. You’re incredible– excellent writing and photography, in addition to fantastic-sounding dishes. You truly have a neck for food styling/presentation … I attempted to drizzle/swirl the maple syrup on top, however it simply instantly dropped into the soup and blurred … what is the trick?

    Thanks a lot for such a beautiful and extremely delicious labor of love … Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hey Ellen! Thanks for your extremely kind remark. And truthfully I’m uncertain what the trick is with maple syrup drizzling. Perhaps I simply had a truly thick batch or something?! I simply put it right from the bottle!
      Thanks once again.
      – L Reply

  • Terry

    Thanks for the dish (I’ll include apple to the fennel/leek soup I am making today, and possibly some spices.) About turmeric: we have an ancient formica cooking area counter; I have actually found out not to tension excessive about the turmeric discolorations, since they do undoubtedly vanish in time– about 2 weeks. Reply

  • Andrea

    Simply made this soup for my household supper, and even the choosy eaters enjoyed it! Thanks for the dish– i have difficulty understanding what to do with active ingredients like fennel and leeks! Reply

  • michelle

    I made this and believed it came out tasting a little acidic. Perhaps including milk or something velvety would’ve assisted? Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hello Michelle, I wonder on why this came out acidic for you since there aren’t any excessively acidic active ingredients in this dish. Maybe the apple you utilized was a bit tart? Or possibly your turmeric was a bit more powerful than mine and added to the bitter/acidic experience? In any case, whenever I have an excessively acidic food, I constantly attempt to fight that taste by canceling with either a) more fat (this soup has the walnuts pureed right in, so this should not be needed since they contribute to the fat material), or b) sweet taste. Milk tends to be both gently fatty and sweet, so this might assist. Sorry that this didn’t exercise for you this time and ideally this reply assists a bit:-RRB-
      – L Reply

  • Jennifer Bell

    im ready to make this. It has 2 of my preferred veggies. I’m worried about the walnuts. Do they mix to smooth consistency with the veggies? Sounds choosy disgusting however I’m amusing about crispy things blended into smooth. I’m believing the nutty taste will be excellent in addition to nutrients. Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hello Jennifer, I utilized a high speed mixer (Vitamix) to puree my soup, so my own was completely smooth. I’m uncertain on outcomes with a routine mixer or food mill. I have actually seen some variations from individuals who made it on Instagram and it seeks to have a bit of texture from the nuts … If you’re a bit skittish on texture and you’re dealing with a more common mixer or food mill, I ‘d conserve some toasted sliced walnuts for garnish rather.
      – L Reply

  • Kristen Summers

    Incredible!!! Made this tonight after a strenuous, chilling day at the farm and it was PERFECT !! my hubby does not even like soup (is that possible??) and he consumed this right up. Thank you for this amazingness in a bowl:-RRB- Reply

  • Steve

    Thanks for the caution on turmeric discolorations. It’s absolutely an efficient color. This is a truly imaginative soup by the method. Love your things. Reply

  • RMC

    Hi, I will make this. Do i check out properly that the green leaves are not consisted of? Simply the white and light green lower part?? Thanks Reply

    • Laura

      Sorry to respond so late! Yes, you’re just utilizing the white and light green parts of the leeks.
      – L Reply

  • Freya

    This soup looks sooooo great! The colour alone is simply incredible and I enjoy the concept of blending fruit in with a vegetable soup– provides it a good sweet taste to damage the mouth-watering taste. I never ever truly prepare with fennel however, so want me luck! Reply

  • Nicole

    I have actually made this soup a couple of times and enjoy it! I could not discover fennel one time and utilized celeriac and it was scrumptious! I’m making this once again, however for somebody who can’t consume nuts. Any ideas on a replacement or should I simply exclude the walnuts? Reply

    • Laura

      I would exclude the walnuts and intensely stir in a 1/4 cup of tahini after you have actually pureed the soup. The tahini will provide it some body and a bit of fat too, comparable to the function of the walnuts.
      – L Reply

  • Setareh

    Simply composed this down in my note pad. Can’t wait to attempt it tomorrow:-RRB- Reply

  • Little Davis

    I like the visual and the principle, however my very first variation of the soup was not so delicious as I pictured. The quantity of leeks relative to fennel and apple appeared incorrect, though leeks differ significantly in size. My largish leeks and fennel and apple came out to about a 4:2:1 ratio. I attempted it once again with equivalent parts leek and fennel with more success. Attempt number 3 will consist of a tablespoon of calvados (or possibly pastis) throughout the preliminary cooking:-RRB- Reply

  • Lori

    Wow! How yum … my own isn’t as smooth as yours appearances however who cares! Warm abundant home cooking with not a great deal of effort! Reply


    5 stars
    Beautiful soup. I have actually made it two times now and enjoyed it. Can’t wait to attempt more of your dishes. Thank you. Reply

  • Sam

    I’m going to make this today however I wasn’t able to get fennel. Can I include entire fennel seeds to change? Reply

    • Laura

      Hello Sam,
      I ‘d advise replacing another cup approximately of sliced moderate veggies (such as zucchini, celery or perhaps carrots) and a pinch of fennel seeds. Considering that you’re deducting the fennel you’ll wish to offset the volume.
      – L Reply

  • Deborah Grace

    5 stars
    I have actually made this soup 3 times, and I enjoy it! It’s warm, delicious, and calming to the taste buds! When I serve this soup for visitors, it’s constantly a hit! Among my most preferred soups of perpetuity! Reply

  • Karen Fleming

    5 stars
    Actually great flavours & beautiful with walnuts when serving. Thank you for the beautiful dish. Reply

  • Lili

    Hi Laura,
    If I wished to make this soup the day prior to serving it, do you believe it would keep well and still taste great the next day? Thank you! Reply

    • Laura

      Hello Lili!
      Yes absolutely. If anything, the soup will taste much better the next day. The time provides the flavours of the soup the chance to “marinade” a bit:-RRB-
      – L Reply

      • Lili

        Thank you a lot!:-RRB-

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