Velvety Vegan Red Pepper Pasta Bakes

Creamy Vegan Red Pepper Pasta Bakes

Velvety vegan red pepper pasta bakes are flavourful, rewarding, and comfortable. This meal is grain-free with cassava flour pasta & can quickly be made nut-free too.

This post is sponsored by Natura MarketA 3/4 angle shot of baked pasta in ramekins with some of the ingredients displayed in the background.An overhead shot of ingredients on a weathered wood cutting board on top of a grey-beige marbled background.An overhead shot of creamy red pepper sauce in a measuring cup with a spoon sticking out.An up close shot of creamy vegan red pepper pasta in a stainless pot with a spatula.

I like a comfortable and velvety baked pasta, however I like it much more in tiny type! This vegan red pepper pasta is a bit smoky, so rich in texture, and nobody will think that it’s completely dairy-free. Since this has a little bit of a mac and cheese ambiance going on, I chose to top the little ramekins with a rosemary cracker mix for texture. A fantastic option!

This dish and post were both produced in collaboration with among my preferred Canadian online merchants: Natura Market! They offer many of my preferred vegan and plant-based items. They have whatever from my standby dairy-free coffee creamer to my go-to kitchen staples, and likewise lots of vegan treats that I can’t discover anywhere else.

If you or somebody in your family follows an unique diet plan or has level of sensitivities, Natura Market has a substantial range of active ingredients for vegan, grain-free, nut-free, and paleo cooking or baking. I have actually been a consumer of theirs for many years!

I attempted some tasty, new-to-me items from them in this dish. Jolly’s cassava-based penne pasta and Hu Cooking area’s extremely crispy grain-free crackers. An absolutely grain-free, vegan, extremely velvety, crispy-crunchy topped pasta bake?! Believe it! The pasta has a truly good texture! I likewise nearly consumed the entire box of crackers prior to grinding them up for this dish. They are so crisp and completely experienced. Wins all around:-RRB-

I might see myself making this vegan red pepper pasta bake for a vacation supper or simply a Friday date night in the house. It would be best with a little side salad or simply some easy sautéed broccoli rabe with a little bit of garlic, lemon, and chili. This pasta would be extremely kid-friendly too! You might wish to leave the smoked paprika out for the more youthful schemes.

Really hope that you offer this one a go!

An overhead shot of creamy vegan red pepper pasta being portioned into small black ramekins.An overhead shot of grain-free crackers and rosemary in a mini food processor on a grey background.An overhead shot of a hand sprinkling cracker topping onto little black ramekins of creamy red pepper pasta.An overhead shot of creamy vegan red pepper pasta in small black ramekins on a baking sheet.

Creamy Vegan Red Pepper Pasta Bakes

Velvety vegan red pepper pasta bakes are flavourful, rewarding, and comfortable. This meal is grain-free with cassava flour pasta & can quickly be made nut-free too.

PREPARATION TIME 25 minutes COOK TIME 30 minutes OVERALL TIME 55 minutes

Course Main Dish, Side Meal Diet Plan Vegan, Vegetarian

Servings: 4

Author: Laura Wright


  • Mixer

Active Ingredients


  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1 shallot, sliced (or 1/2 little onion)
  • 1 clove garlic, sliced
  • 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika(* )1/2
  • cup raw cashews OR sunflower seeds, soaked for a minimum of 2 hours and drained pipes 2
  • roasted red peppers 1
  • tablespoon sliced sun dried tomatoes 3
  • tablespoons dietary yeast 1
  • tablespoon light miso 1 1/2
  • tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1
  • teaspoon Dijon mustard 1/2
  • teaspoon gluten-free tamari soy sauce 1/2
  • cup warm water sea salt and ground black pepper, to taste
  • PASTA:

1 1/2

  • cups little crackers of option (I utilized Hu Cooking area’s Grain-Free Sea Salt Crackers) 1
  • tablespoon rosemary leaves 1
  • teaspoon olive oil 8
  • oz shaped pasta (I utilized Jovial’s Grain-Free Cassava Penne) Guidelines

Preheat the oven to 350 ° F. Establish 4 1-cup capability ramekins on a flat pan and after that set that aside.

  • Prepare the red pepper sauce. Heat the teaspoon of oil in a little frying pan over medium heat. Include the shallots and garlic and cook, stirring frequently, up until soft and somewhat clear, about 4 minutes. Then, include the smoked paprika and cook for an extra 30 seconds.
  • Transfer the shallots and garlic to an upright mixer. To the mixer include the cashews, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, dietary yeast, miso, lemon juice, Dijon, tamari, water, salt, and pepper. Mix the mix on high up until smooth and velvety, about 3 complete minutes. Include more water by the tablespoon if essential. You need to have 2 cups of sauce when all is stated and done. Reserve.
  • Make the rosemary cracker topping. In a food mill fitted with the “S” blade, integrate the crackers, rosemary, and olive oil. Pulse this mix up until the crackers are coarse crumbs. You need to have a little cup of cracker crumb topping overall. Reserve.
  • Prepare the pasta according to package instructions and drain. Return the drained pipes pasta to the pot that you prepared it in. Put the red pepper sauce over leading and offer it a really comprehensive stir! You desire the sauce to enter all the little corners.
  • Divide the pasta amongst the 4 ramekins, about a loaded cup per ramekin. Then, uniformly disperse the rosemary cracker topping among the ramekins, spraying it on top of the pasta.
  • Bake the pasta for 20-25 minutes, or up until adequately warmed through and the topping is somewhat browned. Serve warm!
  • Notes

I have actually made variations of this with both raw cashews and sunflower seeds and both were abundant, velvety, and tasty!

  • You can utilize roasted peppers from a container or homemade ones. If utilizing ones from a container, drain them a bit prior to mixing into the sauce.
  • You can make this sauce as much as 5 days ahead of time. Simply keep it sealed in the refrigerator and bring it as much as space temperature level prior to stirring into the prepared pasta.
  • To make this soy-free, utilize a chickpea-based miso and swap coconut aminos for the tamari.
  • The sauce is naturally well-seasoned with the miso and tamari therein. Likewise, the crackers I utilized had an excellent quantity of salt. I hardly needed to season this meal with extra salt and pepper, which is stating something for me! All of this is to state: simply taste as you go.
  • This post was produced in a paid collaboration with Natura Market. All viewpoints are my own.

An up close shot of the baked pasta with a fork digging into it.

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  • Looks so comfortable and yummy! Can’t wait to attempt this

    5 stars
    Reply cathleen

  • diet plan limitations, exists a replacement I could utilize for the nuts and seeds? Thank-you!

    Reply Laura

    • Hi There Cathleen,

      I’m not exactly sure if you have any other dietary limitations beyond nuts and seeds? If you’re leaving the cashews/sunflower seeds out of the sauce, I would change the 1/2 cup of warm water with 3/4 cup of an unsweetened non-dairy creamer such as soy or oat– something that will bring that touch of richness! Additionally, if you can take in dairy, you might utilize complete fat milk or 10% cream.
      – L
      Reply Stephanie

  • Hi There Laura! I’m extremely thrilled to attempt this however I’m short on miso– exists anything I could replace this with? Likewise, could I utilize sundried tomatoes in oil if I simply let them dry a bit?

    Reply Laura

    • Hi There Stephanie!

      Sun dried tomatoes in oil is terrific here. You can utilize the oil in the container to sauté the shallots if you like! The miso simply brings that extremely mouth-watering flavour. We’re currently arriving with the shallots and dietary yeast. If you have some soy sauce, include a little splash, however you might likewise simply leave it out!
      – L
      Reply Shelley

  • Simply came here to state this meal is definitely tasty!!! Toss a little rosemary garnish on it and you have actually got a vacation program stopper.

    5 stars
    Reply Laura

  • Made this last night and it was tasty therefore simple to assemble. That sauce is addicting! Thanks, as constantly Laura, for your delicious dishes. Everybody must make this asap.

    5 stars
    Reply Jenny

  • Do I require to make any changes if I choose one huge meal instead of ramekins?

    Reply Laura

    • Nope! I believe an 8-inch square or round meal would be best for this.

      – L
      Reply Ruth

  • Yum!! I made with some remaining pasta. Husband-approved. Thank you for constantly sharing such friendly however tasty and gorgeous dishes, Laura !!

    5 stars
    Reply Chelsea

  • I liked this pasta meal. The sauce advises me of a velvety romesco sauce. I consumed a couple of bites of the pasta and sauce prior to baking the meal and in fact chosen the taste of the non-baked variation. Thank you for a fantastic dish.

    Reply Lauren

  • This was to crave. My non-vegan partner fancies himself a pasta lover and he could not get enough of it!

    Reply Danielle

  • I suggest … you can’t state no to a pasta bake in basic … however this simply sounds WOW


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