Basil Tahini Pasta with Mushrooms & Burst Tomatoes

Basil Tahini Pasta with Mushrooms & Burst Tomatoes

Basil tahini pasta with burst tomatoes and mushrooms is a fast, healthy, vegan, and nut-free main dish with just 10 active ingredients. Flavourful, incredibly hearty, and easy to prepare!

An overhead image of a basil tahini pasta with burst tomatoes and mushrooms in a blue speckled bowl.

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An overhead image of a food processor bowl with tahini and garlic inside. Basil in shown nearby in a measuring cup.

I normally desire summer season to go on permanently, however I need to confess that I’m a little sick of the season at this moment. I still like the stacks of tomatoes in my garden and resting on our deck with a cold one at the end of the day (make my own a kombucha please), however our speed has actually been practically non-stop for the last 2 months. Summertime has actually constantly been a hectic time for us, however this year simply seems like it’s on another level.

I had big prepare for these warm months– in work and life– do not all of us get like that after the Might vacation, what with the summer season pail lists and whatnot? I have not actually tended to any of those strategies in a devoted method. I have actually discovered from experience that concentrating on the regret that binds itself to an absence of efficiency is a wild-goose chase. Though I dislike to confess, the regret is still there simply festering in the heat. I’m a goal-oriented individual that likes to have outcome after specific seasons in life. I connect my worth to my outputs, which sort of thinking is hard to rewire.

The heat ends up being worrying after a while too. With the method our environment is altering, I can’t keep in mind the last summer season with numerous successive days of humidity and dryness. I get an unusual sense of worry when I head outdoors at 6am and the temperature level is currently so high and the air is so thick. We’re fortunate to have clear skies here though. The news of wildfires all over the world puts me into that strange location of sunken spirit, small misery, and not understanding what to do. They appear larger and more effective every year.

Therefore, the season has actually zipped in a haze. After next week we get a little a break. Still extremely pleased that I get to appear here and on the ‘gram to simply state hey there.

Oh, and obviously I likewise get to use you this easy and fantastic supper dish! This pasta is a 10 active ingredient marvel that benefits from all those tomatoes and basil that are all over today. You make an easy and tasty basil tahini “cream” of sorts and fold that into pasta with meaty mushrooms and jammy/umami-loaded burst tomatoes. It’s flavourful, wholesome, easy, structured, therefore seasonal. All the important things we like over here, right? Hope that you enjoy it which your summer season is unwinding perfectly:-RRB-

A head-on shot of a food processor bowl on the base with tahini and a bunch of basil leaves within.

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Image shows a bunch of sliced core mini mushrooms on a wooden cutting board with a chef knife to the side.

Image shows grape tomatoes being cooked in a white sauté pan with a wooden spoon sticking out of the pan.

Image shows a light green cream being added to cooked lentil pasta.

An overhead shot of a creamy basil tahini pasta with burst tomatoes and mushrooms. The pasta is in a large white bowl with a wooden serving spoon.

Basil Tahini Pasta with Mushrooms & Burst Tomatoes

Basil tahini pasta with burst tomatoes and mushrooms is a fast, healthy, vegan, and nut-free main dish. Flavourful and easy to prepare!

PREPARATION TIME 20 minutes COOK TIME 35 minutes OVERALL TIME 55 minutes

Course Main Dish, Side Meal Diet Plan Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Servings: 4 -6

Author: Laura Wright


  • Food Mill


Basil Tahini

  • 1/2 cup tahini
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 cup basil leaves, jam-packed (plus additional for garnish)
  • sea salt and ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1/2 cup cold water, plus additional if essential


  • 3/4 pound ( 340 grams) shaped pasta of option (penne and rotini are fantastic)
  • 4 teaspoons olive oil, divided
  • 2 cups cherry/grape tomatoes
  • 3/4 pound ( 340) grams cremini mushrooms, sliced
  • red pepper flakes, to taste


  • Make the basil tahini: in a food mill, integrate the tahini, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, basil, salt and pepper. Pulse the maker till the basil is carefully sliced and integrated. With the motor running, sprinkle the cold water into the feed tube till you have a velvety however still loose consistency, comparable to table cream. Include more water if essential and examine the basil tahini for flavoring. Change and reserve.
  • Prepare the pasta according to package instructions. Reserve 1 cup of the salted and starchy cooking water. Drain pipes the pasta and reserved.
  • Heat 2 teaspoons of the olive oil a big, deep frying pan (or braiser) over medium heat. Include the tomatoes to the frying pan and stir. Keep stirring the tomatoes till they are gently browned, shining, and beginning to burst. You will need to utilize the back of your spoon to get this procedure going. I discover this takes an excellent 8-10 minutes amount to. Scrape the burst tomatoes out into a bowl and provide the frying pan an excellent clean
  • Return the frying pan to the heat with the staying olive oil. Include the mushrooms to the frying pan and let them sit for a complete 2 minutes. Then, stir the mushrooms and season them with pepper. Let them sit another complete minute. Then begin stirring them once again. They ought to be gently browned and shining. Season the mushrooms with salt. Continue letting them prepare till uniformly browned, soft, and shining.
  • Include the pasta to the frying pan in addition to the basil tahini. Stir whatever up till uniformly integrated and warmed through. Season the pasta with salt and pepper and stir. If the pasta appears a little dry, include a few of the reserved pasta water till you reach your wanted consistency. Transfer the pasta to your serving vessel and spread the burst tomatoes on the top in addition to the additional basil and red pepper flakes. Serve and delight in right away.


  • I personally like red lentil-based pasta today for that additional hit of protein. It has a great little bit of chew as soon as prepared also. It tastes a little lentil-y, however I enjoy it.
  • The pasta is great and green as quickly as it’s newly tossed and hot. It then gently fades over to the beige-ish-green side. Additional basil for garnishing is essential! Simply preparing you!;-RRB-
  • This pasta might manage a great deal of sliced greens if you enjoy that. Simply toss them in at the end of the mushroom cooking procedure and wilt with the pasta and basil tahini.

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  • Jill Robertson

    On my list for when summer season gets here in this hemisphere; our days are extending and warming.
    A fascinating mix I never ever would have thought about and can’t get a psychological taste of. So a genuine taste will be required. Reply

  • Emily

    I am right there with you with summer season ideas and reflections. Business of this season has actually gotten me all out of sorts! The good news is fall will quickly be in the air which suggests a decreased speed and comfortable relaxing clothing!

    Thank you for this fantastic post. Advises me I’m not alone in the madness of life! Reply

  • Natalie Pupo

    Ohhhh how I like this tasty twist on a summer season pasta! That sauce sounds amazing! Making this dish for the fam this weekend! Thanks Lau! Ps your images are not even human, you’ll constantly be my motivation and coach xoxo like you

    Natalie Reply

  • EmilyW

    I made this tonight- remarkable! Seriously tasty. Will absolutely be making this once again– we have a lots of lovely basil growing away on the patio area! ❤ Reply

  • Erica

    I like your posts, this summer season has actually zipped! Can’t wait to make this pasta. Reply

  • Cassie Thuvan Tran

    I desire that red lentil pasta. It looks tasty! What I’m over about summer season the most is the consistent heat wave! I enjoy it when it remains in the high 60s-low 80s (in Fahrenheit, that is). I’m simply not delighted about sensation so stressed with school! It’s going to be crazy this year! Reply

  • Milly

    Looks delish and easy! May I ask what tahini item or brand name you ideally utilized in your dishes? Thanks. Reply

    • Laura

      Thanks a lot! I like all of these brand names for tahini: Soom Foods, Seed + Mill, Shirley Bar Living, and Thrive Market’s home branded one.
      – L Reply

  • Tiana Miller-Leonard

    I so associate with the experience of thinking up huge seasonal strategies and after that feeling distressed and guilty when my efficiency does not compare to my vision. So simple to inform your pals not to tension, to relax on themselves, however so tough to genuinely internalize that on your own.

    Anticipating attempting this dish quickly! Reply

  • The Modern Appropriate

    The heat and the fires have me wanting cooler weather condition also. It is quite smokey where we are and it’s tough to be outdoors too long. I anticipate rain and to soups:-RRB- Reply

  • charlotte

    this looks beyond tasty. can’t wait to attempt it!
    i’m simply questioning how you get things from prosper market sent out to canada? each time i attempt and register, they still do not use shipping here ?? Reply

    • Laura

      Thanks Charlotte! My scenario is a bit various as I live near a United States border and my partner has a post workplace box on the other side. Ideally they extend their service quickly!
      – L Reply

  • Sarah Rose Moroney

    ” I connect my worth to my outputs, which sort of thinking is hard to rewire.”
    I absolutely hear you!
    I simply read this short article the other day about order of business, I believed I ‘d provide it a shot …

    … the pasta looks charming … Reply

  • Lacey

    Yep. I remain in the NW and the smoke from the wildfires and record breaking heat this summer season has me absolutely frightened therefore unfortunate. And I have actually been unbelievably hectic with vacay and now LIFE (I am transferring to a brand-new town and purchasing a home for the very first time, soooo, a little difficult). Attempting to simply decrease and breathe. Reply

  • Anon

    i’m not a huge fan of mushrooms, can you think about a sub? would zucchini work well in this sauce? Reply

    • Laura

      Zucchini would be great!
      – L Reply

  • Emily

    Wow, this was great! Fantastic method to utilize tahini. I believe this will turn into one of my go-to dishes:-RRB- Reply

  • Tiffany

    You seem like how I’m feeling this evening, however for various factors. This has actually remained in lots of methods the summer season of my discontent though I keep informing myself to concentrate on the advantages every day.

    I made this for supper tonight and it made a hit. I felt nourished in body and I thank you for that. Another product to place on my appreciation list.

    Stay cool out there and here’s to the fall ahead, and more notably, the brand-new day tomorrow. Reply

  • Alison crawford

    Beautiful and velvety, simple to make and I utilized with Gluten complimentary pasta. Actually tasty. You might include bacon or walnuts for a alternatie variation. Alter the mushroom for various flavours Reply

  • Lydia

    No matter what sort of dish you release– I am yearning whatever you develop. That is what correct healthy and tasty food ought to appear like– constantly! Likewise, the method you value all the active ingredients while organizing whatever so perfectly is pure happiness. I like what you do and I am eagerly anticipating being continuously influenced by your concepts in the future. Wanting you all the very best! XX Reply

  • Trish

    Hi, wld I have the ability to freeze the sauce? Reply

    • Laura

      Hey Trish,
      I have not attempted freezing the sauce, however I do not believe it would exercise. The freshness of the basil would turn and I believe you may get some separation/texture concerns with the tahini upon thawing.
      – L Reply

  • Jennifer

    This was such a fantastic dish. So yummy. The tahini and lemon actually made the sauce which was the emphasize of an incredible meal. Thank you a lot for the genuinely amazing meal that will enter into routine rotation and, obviously, the spectacular photography. Simply great! Thank you for sharing your skills and abilities. Reply

  • Amy

    Do you believe this could deal with cilantro and/or Kale rather of basil? Reply

    • Laura

      I believe kale or any sliced greens that you like would be fantastic!
      – L Reply

  • Cindy BB

    Made this last night having actually not made it given that last summer season. I forgot just how much I enjoyed this sauce. A little bit of spring when it is cold out in Ontario. Genuinely tasty! I utilize chickpea pasta which has a great bite. The staying sauce I will either freeze or utilize as a dip for veggies and so on Reply

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